Zara spring summer collection 2015

Zara Clothes spring summer collection 2015 for leaders

Zara spring summer collection 2015


Zara brand has become one of the landmarks of fashion lovers. Zara coming from Spain is in fact, not only abreast of new trends, but create designs clothes that only really be able to take care. Now comes Zara with a collection for Spring Summer 2015.

We begin to see what the newcomers with a feminine and stylish. The first is the kimono together with Zara beauty combined with the top and denim shorts (EUR 39.95). Other views that can be proposed is a suit with a soft floral print, thin straps and a V-neck (EUR 49.95), versatile clothing that can be used both day and night for special occasions. There are also types of long robe, with a transparent model of Zara Floral Print V-neck half (EUR 49.95). You can wear it with jeans combined with wide legs or short.

With a minimal price and unique character to the mini dress with fringed poncho boho-chic style, with a cream-colored, very feminine and sensual (EUR 19.95). This dress can be combined with high-heeled sandals for evening atmosphere, with models wedges, ballet flats or raffia-soled shoes. Jacquard super feminine dresses, mini dresses are ultra relaxed fit model and halter (EUR 17.95). Can be paired with skinny jeans or leggings faux leather to give more sensuality.


For the Spring Summer 2015 collection Zara also there are some models that can be combined with wide trousers and soft (EUR 39.95) and a long dress with a soft and silky striped to emphasize the waist contour (EUR 39.95). But here three other types can be viewed directly from the spring 2015 lookbook Zara: first was wide pants with a high waist and floral (49.95), then the large mini dress with double shoulder straps, V-neck and perforated on all sides edge clothing (EUR 99.95), and, finally, the top is elegant and stylish with a halter neck (29.95).

From the collection spring summer 2015 Zara also many stylish clothing, from casual to see the whole oufit more elegant, with boho-chic style. Midi-fitting dress with a round neck, black and white contrasting sleeve (EUR 25.95). The same dress is also available in solid black color, but both versions can be valuable and stored and used for special occasions; 2) the character and elegance of dress etiquette “coat” fantasy-like Chanel with 3/4 sleeves in ecru / black (€ 59.95); 3) straight mini dress with scarf round neck and sleeves Mini (EUR 39.95); 4) Finally, simple elegance and sheer mini dress with long sleeves combined pink (EUR 39.95).


There are 3 models of trousers which we live, because they have something extra that we like and that surprised us. Big trends this summer will determine baggy pants, if we have something special even better, because it will help you stand to look different from the crowd. We are confident that we will manage to look different with a soft cloth patterned baggy pants and transparent from the buttocks to the bottom (EUR 59.95), as well as with additional studio flare Slim fitting pants and skirts limited extra foot (EUR 69.95), suitable for you to have a high Physical and slender, with long pants or high-waisted with multicolor soft colors and sash at the waist (EUR 39.95).

Bermuda shorts printed directly with beautiful blue flower patterned white (EUR 25.95), the model is no less class and sophistication with a kind of combination, perfect with a denim shirt; more running and practical Bermuda shorts decorated with belts and automatic closure (€ 25.95).

For now we say goodbye, but not before it had shown a gem not to be missed, or a pleated skirt with floral print maxi looks almost brushstrokes of paint (EUR 49.95). Elegant, should be worn 24 hours 24! I hit something in particular in this collection? If you want some tips on fashion trends to come, visit our dedicated section.

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