lamps designed by Karim Rashid and Pekka SalokannelA prolific designer of international repute and a talented young man selected by the network FOC Talents have designed the two flagship products of the new collection by Freedom Of Creation: so the Dutch study, which specializes in advanced techniques of 3D printing, the technology provides its service of the different types of creativity.

Cross, the lamp by Karim Rashid (in both withdrawal from the ground), aims to become an iconic lamp from the outset, adopted by the author himself as a hyper-collage of his most famous icons: in effect form a Cross is composed of many an infinite number of thumbnails of round shapes and symbols closest to the designer. His name is growing the hanging lamp designed by Finnish Pekka Salokannel, which was inspired by the forms and modular structures that can be observed in nature, especially during the growth and multiplication of plants.lamps designed by Karim Rashid and Pekka Salokannel