The Best Dresses of the Oscars: pictures of the unforgettable look on...

The Best Dresses of the Oscars: pictures of the unforgettable look on the red carpet’s

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The best dresses of the Oscars red carpet

Make a list of the best dresses of the Oscars is very difficult, because only in recent years have seen very beautiful red carpet where celebrity chic of the world show off their finest creations of high fashion designers are most popular. But we could not begin without an Oscar Marilyn Monroe there has never arrived, although for years an icon of film and fashion in the world! Do you think the dress you see above, raised the Oscar ceremony in 1951, had borrowed from the wardrobe of the scene of the film studios of Fox! The Oscar ceremony is that for years the benchmark for fashion and the perfect opportunity to see who is left behind among the celebs and those who still do not give up. Last year we saw very beautiful models of dresses on the red carpet and so in each edition at the end, but if we were to rank? Perhaps the first place would always be our beloved Audrey Hepburn with her Givenchy dress raised in 1954 to receive the award for best actress for the unforgettable film “Roman Holiday”. Since then styles the stars are actually much changed and became more eccentric and sophisticated! In our photogallery you can find the most amazing outfits in recent years, starting from the beautiful Valentino dress with which Julia Roberts retired in 2001 the Oscar for “Erin Brockovich” and ending with the wonderful creation Versace worn by Penelope Cruz in 2007, without forget Sarah Jessica Parker with her dress Christian Dior Haute Couture in 2009 and Cameron Diaz in 2010 with the beautiful model Oscar de la Renta. The list is long and the pictures of the gallery are not enough to show all the masterpieces shown off for the Oscars, but if you choose you your favorite, what would it be?


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