Tesla Model X: a crossover electric stylish and innovative 2012

Tesla Model X: a crossover electric stylish and innovative 2012

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Tesla Model X crossover electric

The revelation took place last night webcast. And you had to be behind his computer at 8 pm (Pacific Time), as the site of Tesla is currently offering a photo. Built on the same chassis as the Model S sedan, and shares 60% of the parts with it, this third installment of the Californian brand is a crossover, which can accommodate seven people and their luggage. The line sounds a little to the 5 Series Gran Turismo. This model also offers a 4-wheel drive with traction, thanks to two electric motors, one distributed to the front and one rear. But the most interesting point is the presence of butterfly doors … to the rear. Doors labeled “falcon wings” (falcon wings). The difference compared to SLS, is that these folding doors are also, through a hinge in the middle. According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s boss, these doors facilitate entry into and exit the vehicle, even when parked in a narrow space. It can even stand up without touching the door of the head, when deployed. The evidence here with Elon Musk. The Model X is also distinguished by its interior space. The battery was hidden under the floor to maximize interior space. And there are two boxes: one rear and one under the hood (again, where in principle the thermal models have their engines). However, it should be noted that autonomy is reduced by 10% because of higher weight.


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