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Zara Shoes woman for winter 2015 The new trend collection and simplicity

Zara Shoes woman for winter 2015 The new trend collection and simplicity


Zara Shoes is one of the most popular fashion brands in recent years, thanks to collections from the fashionable style that reproduce in a cheaper option the proposals of the jaws. The brand, whose new catalog of women’s fashion is inspired by forms over and masculine, has recently talked about for its prices in Britain would be doubled, even if now it is difficult to associate the brand fashionable low cost of origins: costs, in fact, have increased since the beginning, perhaps because a marked improvement in the quality of materials, change that affected especially shoes. Continue reading Zara Shoes woman for winter 2015 The new trend collection and simplicity

London Fashion Week, Woman Daks London for Spring Summer 2015

London Fashion Week, Woman Daks London for Spring Summer 2015


We have just completed the parade of Daks London, that on the catwalks – unveiled today – London Fashion Weeek presented his spring summer collection 2015 A very elegant, valuable in its simplicity. Beautiful shades of colors, all shades of gray-blue, as well as indicating Pantone, have been explored by creating an almost eternal. Surely the location, the beautiful Royal Opera House, gave the final touch of glam. Continue reading London Fashion Week, Woman Daks London for Spring Summer 2015

Santoni Shoes spring summer 2013 woman and men

Santoni Shoes spring summer 2013 woman and men

Santoni shoes spring summer 2013 are inspired by the combination of style feminine / masculine collection in a sophisticated and chic taking care of all the details of the craftsmanship of the famous Italian fashion house of footwear. A vintage style that is inspired by the seventies and iconic figures such as Lauren Hutton. Continue reading Santoni Shoes spring summer 2013 woman and men

Naot Shoes for Men and Women’s

Naot Shoes for Men and Women's

Naot shoes is an oasis, an oasis of health, comfort, beauty and perfection. Naot soles are construient a form that the body weight may distribute regularly because of its anatomical support.
Shoes, sandals and clogs from Naot are responsible for the health of your feet, although always in fashion. The incredible collection of Naot shoes is always a trend, or even strong and durable, design beautiful and always comfortable because suples soles and reducing the impact of the feet. Continue reading Naot Shoes for Men and Women’s

Kirna Zabete sandals at Nine 2013

Kirna Zabete sandals at Nine 2013

A glamorous Women shoes that can be economic reach of many of us, unlike many shoes so fashionable but too expensive: sandals Bandeau collection Kirna Zabete at Nine West. For some time we are used to seeing special collaborations between major brands and trademarks low cost, which make the fashion elite to a more popular, but these, unfortunately, often overlook the shoes industry. This is not however the case of Kirna Zabete at Nine West. For the uninitiated, Kirna Zabete is one of the coolest boutique in the center of New York and offers a selection of well cared for products of top designers such as Balenciaga and Givenchy. Now, the brand has developed such independence to afford their collaborations. The first is the one with the brand founded by Easley and Beth Buccini Arah, from which we have chosen to represent this nifty model of sandals. But we invite you to discover all the online collection, very interesting. The price of the sandals Bandeau Kirna Zabete at Nine is $ 129. Continue reading Kirna Zabete sandals at Nine 2013

Fashion Tips for Clothes models to Fat Women

Fashion Tips Fat Women

Clothes for fat people???, Maybe this question sounds cornering fat people. Actually not. Many people who have a disproportionate body. For example, a distended belly, a short body, big arms, big thighs, chest size, the size of your buttocks and other. The solution also vary, but many choose to exercise and diet. In addition to exercise or a healthy diet, choosing clothes that fit will help you to keep your look up while trying to solve the problem of the body. This time, we discuss about fashion tips for those who are overweight or have a distended stomach. You will continue to feel safe and comfortable dress belly though, as long as know what types and models of clothing that should be used. Not all clothes are meant only for slim, the designer has created a fashion line for fat people. What kind of clothes for fat people? Please refer to the following:

Continue reading Fashion Tips for Clothes models to Fat Women

Women’s Clothing Tips To Impressing Higher Short 2013

Womens Clothing Tips To Impressing Higher Short

The woman who was short and petite, often get into trouble when berbelaja fashion. Looking fro to get the size that fits her body. Because body size is not too high, short stature women sometimes have to cut or shorten slacks recently purchased. Difficulties were also encountered such as when you want to wear mini skirts. Intentions to wear a mini skirt, but unfortunately even seem like a regular skirt size is “hanging”. If you can not work around this, use clothes that actually makes the body look shorter. Well, if you’re one of the petite woman of short stature, you should consider the following tips so that you can still look good and cool: Continue reading Women’s Clothing Tips To Impressing Higher Short 2013

Church’s Shoes, history and models of a brand that has become a myth

Chuch shoes

What makes a shoe Church’s one of the best in the world? The passion, skill, tradition, style and history that have made the brand one of the most important English in the world. The Church’s name is synonymous with high quality footwear for men, able to combine craftsmanship, comfort, strength and beauty. Although the house has collections for women, is the man the true protagonist. Each piece tells the story of a brand that over the years has become a must for anyone who loves the style and elegance, today as yesterday. For fashion-conscious men and style there are a few essential accessories that give that extra touch to the look even more elegant. Wear a pair of Church’s is certainly one of the options: every model of the brand is the result of careful craftsmanship that employs at least eight weeks craftsmen. The same story of Church’s rooted in a long tradition that is carried on for 140 years. Founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his wife Eliza, the small factory in Northampton, no. 30 Maple Street, has a legacy of even more ancient if you think that Stone Church, ancestor of the founder, became a master shoemaker and leather goods in 1675. Since the dawn, the secret of success of the house was the link with the tradition and craftsmanship that brought them in a few years to become a reference point for London and then to Europe. At the end of the nineteenth century is already present in several European to land in 1907 in the United States and Canada. In addition to models for men, peep also the first women’s shoes in style Church: the “Archmoulded”, modeled on the arch of the foot for the ladies, appears in 1921. The footwear from the brand they rise quickly in status symbol: it is elegant and stylish shoes, suitable for business travelers and the new society that is emerging upper middle class, hand-made, according to a precise process that allows them to resist the time and wear thanks to devices that enable ad hoc repairs. The road to the current global success is littered with models that represented the masculine elegance in time, never go out of style. The icons of the brand, which was purchased in 1999 by Prada Holding NV and finally acquired by the group in 2006, are a classic look for today as yesterday, not to mention the more whimsical patterns and those in limited edition, created for special occasions. Moccasins, classic, lace, ankle boots: each creation’s Church is a hymn masculine elegance. Continue reading Church’s Shoes, history and models of a brand that has become a myth

Women’s shoes Summer 2013: 10-heeled shoes that will want to wear this summer

Womens shoes Summer 2013 summer

Today we’ll talk about woman shoes summer 2013, begins with the shoes talons.Certaines boutiques are already selling chaussres Collections for Spring Summer 2013, I decided to choose 10 IT SHOES we would like to bring in 2013. Every fashionista is a shoes addict power. If trends rely on the casual chic style for spring-summer 2013, women’s shoes do not follow the same mode. Indeed, to welcome the summer season, fashion brands were trampled to unveil models chic and sophisticated. Program, many colors, mismatsching materials, details and chic fashion printed. Boots, heels open toes, derbies, slippers, peep-toes, ballerinas, sandals, wedges or ankle boots, all shoes are both chic. It should be noted that each shoe is ready to own opportunity. So go to work, a pair of loafers (moccasin) agree better than a pair of high heels needle. However, more sophisticated models choose more feminine shoes as flanges or a pair of derbies varnished leather. The loafers are choosing hype with details like tassels, animal prints, sequins or metallic details. For those who wish to play the glamrock, it remains low boots and ankle boots for a chic and offbeat. In the evenings, the trend summer 2013 put on high heels and a myriad of colors. Purple, pink, orange, turquoise, lemon yellow, all pumps and peep-toes are adorned with the colors of the rainbow in the sky for a more stunning effect. It should be recalled that as the tendency colorama ended colorblock trend, it is advisable to play with nuances and not mix the colors with other colors just as shocked. Thus, we choose to wear shoes with a little lemon mint green dress by example and not a dress with glowing red. Choose the most economical models more sober plain or two-tone as the inevitable black & white or nude and beige. Continue reading Women’s shoes Summer 2013: 10-heeled shoes that will want to wear this summer

4 boots / shoes Converse winter boots for women

4 boots winter boots for women

This week I’ve selected four boots for this winter, among all the innovations that are new to the shoes elegant and sporty, in this selection you will find shoes for your style and even a new trend that do not often see in the streets, namely basketball shoes converse style . This design is very cool and makes you confidence and very different from the other people. Makes you looks like a nice girl.. Continue reading 4 boots / shoes Converse winter boots for women