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Majesty, the capsule collection by Vivienne Westwood for Queen Elizabeth II 2012

Vivienne Westwood for Queen Elizabeth II

Vivienne Westwood presents Her Majesty, a capsule collection dedicated to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The British fashion designer has never made any secret of his admiration for the octogenarian queen indeed, Westwood would love very much her style all suits and pastel colors, a true example for all the English: “You mean that he knew how to dress. Do not like the English of today, all badly dressed, “these provocative words of the designer who decided to celebrate 60 years of the reign of Queen launched a special collection of precious and whose name, in Italian, has a meaning seemingly trivial but very eloquent , “His Majesty”. Vivienne Westwood is the queen of British fashion and his eccentric style conquest and kidnaps Italian and international stars. I know our local singer Nina Zilli, who has dressed her fashion during the last Sanremo Festival 2012 but also the American pop star Katy Perry, the British designer who must own one of her red carpet look better managed. To pay homage to the Queen Elizabeth II and his 60 year reign, Vivienne Westwood has designed a capsule collection of evening gowns in which some of the clothes symbol of the house, were reworked with shapes and colors look more sophisticated and romantic, almost princely. The designer, in fact, decided to put aside in favor of more colorful and delicate soft colors like white, gray and pink. To complete these red carpet look, all organza, silk and taffeta, the designer has four pairs of earrings, elegant and very refined, inspired by the crown jewels. A collection of really beautiful, young and attractive, it seems perfect to be worn by an elegant woman of great personality. Who knows, maybe Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife and grandson acquired the Queen, would be the perfect candidate to wear one of these beautiful creations. Yet we doubt that the Duchess of Cambridge ever wear one of these models, moreover, according to Westwood Kate Middleton would not know how to dress right, much less makeup. In short, the only one to have always had their own style would be the Queen Elizabeth! And what do you think of the capsule collection designed by Vivienne Westwood? See pictures of the dresses that we offer in our gallery and tell us your opinion. 🙂 Continue reading Majesty, the capsule collection by Vivienne Westwood for Queen Elizabeth II 2012

Roger Vivier shoes have $ 19,750 for the pair to the world’s most valuable

Roger Vivier shoes

In the end I get home. We’re talking about Roger Vivier pair of designer shoes that same house was able to buy at auction for a record 19,750 euros. Designed by the same designer in 1962 for Princess Soraya, is a pair of low-heel shoes embroidered with silver thread and decorated with topaz. The brand was acquired by Diego Della Valle, has seen him go up for auction a collection of historical models including the founder of this beautiful specimen, but has decided to develop a strategy so as not to see the missing pieces of the collection. One of the most important designers in the world of shoes, Roger Vivier is the man who invented the stiletto heel, and that during his career, he made ??shoes for VIPs and celebrities from around the world, including English royalty. His shoes are in fact the Queen Elizabeth II wore on the day of his coronation, but all the larger ones have worn his creations, from Ava Gardner to the Beatles, Liz Taylor’s passing. The collection, however, in danger of being dismantled when it gets to the auction. So the team of Roger Vivier (the patron Della Valle, the artistic director Bruno Frisoni and the brand ambassador Ines de la Fressange) has formed an alliance with the French federation of the footwear and the French state to buy the majority of collection. These unique shoes, not only accessories, but moments of real objects that tell the history of costume, as the two most expensive in the world, now back at home, by Roger Vivier