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Porsche: Journal of the arrival of the 4-cylinder

Porsche_356Porsche admits, “which officially is developing a 4-cylinder boxer engine: to declare to Autocar was the head of the research team and development of the German Wolfgang Durheimer, who added that the unit” could be applied to the Boxster, Cayman and …. 911 “. But first things first. At the thought of that engine, we shoot in the head the idea of the new, rumored “baby boxster (0356 for some), the sporty entry-level built in collaboration with Audi and Volkswagen, this engine seems made for her. “Deep throats”are about a displacement of 2500 cc and the possible production versions, aspirated and turbo. The latter is rated at 360 hp.

And it’s probably because it brings up the 911. The rest is the same Durheimer fuel this hypothesis: “If necessary, this could end up under the engine 911. Our decision is that, for this model, to remain on a flat-six. But there are opportunities – for a 4-cylinder to 911 – for the future. ” Continue reading Porsche: Journal of the arrival of the 4-cylinder