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Porsche Design Milan, the largest flagship store in the world

Porsche Design Milan, the largest flagship store in the world


Porsche Design has recently opened a record store in the central Via Spiga in Milan: This is the flagship store of the biggest group around the world, a luxury boutique, modern and contemporary art, where we can find all fashion by Porsche Design. Among the 150 stores of the brand was born in Austria in 1972 spread around the world it is the most impressive project, presenting accessories and clothing from the latest collections. Continue reading Porsche Design Milan, the largest flagship store in the world

R Evolution of Akkua Shoes in White Show Milan

R Evolution of Akkua Shoes in White Show Milan


The White Show in Milan is a work that is always very interesting and makes us curious, this issue has been given the opportunity to see close-ups of contemporary fashion and design. Among them, there must be a shoe R Evolution Akkua. What is it? Research and Development in collaboration with Elav Akkua has created the only product made ??from socks and shoes. Continue reading R Evolution of Akkua Shoes in White Show Milan

Sergio Rossi Women shoes fall winter 2013 2014 presented in Milan. A guest Janet Jackson!

Sergio Rossi Women shoes fall winter 2013 2014 presented in Milan. A guest Janet Jackson!

The Sergio Rossi shoes collection autumn winter 2013 2014 has been presented in Milan during Fashion Week, we find the images of luxury footwear and celebrities have taken to the event including Janet Jackson, Anna Dello Russo, Carine Roitfeld.  Here are the photos. Continue reading Sergio Rossi Women shoes fall winter 2013 2014 presented in Milan. A guest Janet Jackson!

Louis Vuitton, its “Fantastic Beasts” exhibition in Milan

Louis Vuitton Fantastic Beasts in Milan

Louis Vuitton takes part in its style to the week of the Salone del Mobile in Milan in progress. From April 17 to 30 boutiques of Via Montenapoleone in fact be exposed Maroquinaris Zoologicae, the “imaginary bestiary” for the fashion house created by Billie Achilleos. In the shop so you can see the “animals” born from the genius of the artist who combined leather accessories brand in a truly original creation. Many specimens made ??with the famous monogram that now you can see in Milan. The city of Milan is experiencing a major explosion in art and design at the Salone del Mobile in which all the major brands in the city. Many animals that have literally created by the crazed fans of the house. Surely you remember the beaver, armadillo and the chameleon, but besides these there are also the grasshopper, squirrel, cat, owl, frog, snake, crab, duck, rooster and many other more. “They are the kind of person who sees pictures in the clouds of heaven or soap bubbles in the bathtub,” said Billie Achilleos. “When I started working on this project, I went into a Louis Vuitton store looking animals in bags. As if they were already there and it was only a matter of opening your eyes to realize that a keychain in Damier Graphite was, in fact, the paw of a beaver. ” If you are curious to see how the true luxury accessories so loved and sought after as those of Louis Vuitton can be transformed into “Fantastic Beasts” pop in the boutique in Milan are not for sale, but a flight of fancy is not denied anyone.

Ferrari Camouflage in Milan : Lapo Elkann

Lapo Elkann and his camouflage Ferrari in Milan

Lapo Elkann recently seems to prefer the style camouflage for luxury cars. Thus, the scion of the Agnelli arrived in Milan Vogue party on board his new Ferrari 548 in a military version with a lot of body camouflage. A choice that will have made the purists might turn up their noses, but confirms the inimitable style of Lapo, already caught in the streets of the city of Milan at the wheel of an SUV mimetic caught parking prohibited by local police. In this case, is one of the family jewels, the Ferrari 548, to get under the blows of the designer’s style, which did not fail to arouse the curiosity of those present and photographers, because (again) in no-parking. The choice to parade through the streets of Milan to Palazzo Morando, where they kept the feast of Vogue, with a car so special is not surprising for those familiar with the style of Lapo Elkann. The scion of the Agnelli is known to be an eccentric and this has made ??its mark of recognition, but it is not the only celebrity to love the custom luxury motor. In this field we have seen in all colors, literally, two-tone body, inserts in gold and precious stones, custom additions, until carrozzierie “trendy”, as the Range Rover branded Louis Vuitton. In addition Lapo is also head of Tailor Made service, designed by Ferrari to create the car to suit the client. The service costs are staggering: starting from 200 euros and you can get to spend up to six million euros to have the Ferrari “craft”, built according to different tastes and desires for each customer. What better advertising then show how far you can go with the customization of your car if you do not get to the edge of your fireball camouflaged? It may not please everyone, but certainly not go unnoticed. Continue reading Ferrari Camouflage in Milan : Lapo Elkann

The Melissa Shoes arrive in Italy, opened the flagship store in Milan

The Melissa Shoes store Milan

What do you remember the name Via Tortona? Brave, you guessed it, this is the way in which Milan will play all events related to the design and creativity in general and, since last December 14, fashionistas all have a reason to go this route. It ‘has just opened its first flagship store in Italian by Melissa, the famous Brazilian brand specializing in shoes colororatissime, lines and innovative design, and made ??entirely of PVC soft and fragrant. Fashion is really changing. Moreover, if a few years ago they talked about shoes in PVC would surely many turned their noses up, but Melissa has cleared through customs so that this material, his creations are a true cult. The Melissa Shoes are really a myth and the Brazilian company, as well as having gained the attention of the fashion victims around the world, has attracted the attention of major designers, perhaps calling to confirm the experimental and unconventional brand, are all very imaginative and well-known designers for their creativity. A few names? Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Karim Rashid to name a few of which have created a capsule collection with Melissa, and whose collections will be on sale in the new store. Can not miss, of course, the capsule collection designed by Gareth Pugh, the maverick British designer, who presented a few days ago the creations born from its partnership with Melissa. Melissa Shoes The first Italian store looks almost like a museum from dream in which there are images of the designers who have contributed to Melissa so loved and that have transformed plastic into an object of desire among the most beloved by fashionistas.

Loriblu Luxury Shoes, precious stones and pure design for a unique style

Loriblu Luxury Shoes

Today I present the Limited Edition Luxury Loriblu Shoes, a line of shoes really precious and luxurious which was premiered at the exhibition of Luxury “Luxury and Yachts” in Verona. These shoes have been proposed in Milan and Rome on 28 and 29 November and I am sure the lucky princess of tomorrow, who can afford to spend 30,000 euros for a pair of shoes, have already booked their model of the heart. These shoes are truly unique pieces, which the designer Graziano Cuccu ‘, founder of the label Loriblu, made to order. For this ambitious limited edition jeweled sandals, you Loriblu advantage of the valuable collaboration with the gold Jewelry Ponte Vecchio. Born by the skill of the shoes of one of the best designer shoes and luxury jewelers, can only be the genuine works of art. The Loriblu Luxury Shoes offers us a preview of some models that are so fascinating to us to jump on the chair. The most expensive model is made of suede and snakeskin and decorated with Swarovski crystals embedded in the shoe but there are other very attractive and feminine. Retro romantic and a sandal from the soul is made of antique rose gold python and leather and mini-profiles made by white crystals. At the front is a beautiful flower and then look at the heel looks like a Corinthian capital! A sandal certainly more versatile than the previous one in purple, always done in python skin, with metal stiletto heel and the strap decorated with a bracelet of precious stones. If you like, this model is also available with gold. These shoes are beautiful but when you think you could wear? In my opinion the risk of robbery is high as in Sex and the City when Carrie makes the robbery of Manolo Blahnik! Continue reading Loriblu Luxury Shoes, precious stones and pure design for a unique style

New designer to the court in Milan, Dolce & Gabbana for Winter 2011/2012.

New designer Dolce Gabbana2012

Dolce & Gabbana reopen the doors of their boutique in Milan’s Via della Spiga, which stands to make room for new names of international fashion. The Italian fashion brand, in fact, has just announced the names of new designers who will work with the two designers in this interesting project: the designers will work in a real laboratory fashion, where it is glamorous and innovative creations that will make collections of male and female for autumn-winter 2011/2012.

Moschino boutique in Milan with polka dots and stripes : Fuori Salone 2011

Moschino boutique in Milan with polka dots and stripes

Moschino also celebrating the great festival of design in progress these days in Milan. Many appointments that we can not lose, which are part of the rich program of Fuori Salone 2011 edition, as are the many presentations at this time are being held at the fairgrounds in Rho. Around the city the atmosphere is glamorous and very interesting, that really infects everyone. Even the most prestigious fashion brands take part in the event: Moschino speaks of polka dots and stripes that decorate our homes. Continue reading Moschino boutique in Milan with polka dots and stripes : Fuori Salone 2011

Diesel trendy decor in Superstudio 2011

Diesel at Fuori Salone 2011

Home Diesel brings his style to the Fuori Salone 2011. Great creative ferment these days in Milan: who is to pass from Milan can not help but breathe the air you breathe design, in one of the most important at international level, covering the furniture industry. Many great designers have taken for the occasion. And, of course, could not miss the most popular fashion brands, which for some time, in addition to their collections of clothing and accessories, offering even more cool furnishings to be included in our homes. Diesel Home see our modern home. A very special modernity. Continue reading Diesel trendy decor in Superstudio 2011