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Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion week for spring summer 2015 Man pulls shocking pink

Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion week for spring summer 2015 Man pulls shocking pink


Today is the day in Paris fashion by Louis Vuitton. Her man briskly as a traveler truly incomparable addressed the limelight with his usual, enviable ease. A stride safe and a globetrotting ultra-chic aura accompanied him from the first to the last exit on the catwalk. A globetrotter fearless, fashionable take that necessary for its mechanic’s coveralls (or if you prefer the flight from fearless aviator) a decidedly shocking pink or, alternatively, the Exchequer of buttons, such as precious stones, covering between one glitter and the other, the cloth. An outfit almost from the first stage or as the French would say probably by much soirée. Continue reading Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion week for spring summer 2015 Man pulls shocking pink

Louis Vuitton Shoes : Formal shoes for men 2014 fashions

Louis Vuitton Shoes : Formal shoes for men 2014 fashions


Men’s shoes have the style and elegance required for men class . Among these are undoubtedly the Louis Vuitton shoes that are presented for Formal shoes for men 2014 fashions summer. Here is an overview of the latest news from the fashion house and official prices . Continue reading Louis Vuitton Shoes : Formal shoes for men 2014 fashions

Paper dolls of Louis Vuitton

Paper dolls of Louis Vuitton

It ‘time to go girls! Have you ever been to small to play with paper dolls? Well, Vuitton makes us take a step back to our childhood. The dolls actually serve to launch the collaboration with the stylist Kim Hersov, which has been to combine the models pret-a-porter collection icons with the new Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012. Classic and new come together beautifully! The illustrations were made by Australian designer Kerrie Hess, and they are really delicious. Personally, I’m tempted to download the PDF and stamparmi really dolls. What do you think?

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Burberry Designer sign the teddy bears trendiest

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Burberry sign the teddy bears trendiest

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Burberry and many others have signed the teddy bears more trendy. This is the nova collection of “Designer Pudsey”, a line of the famous teddy bear launched last year for the BBC Children in Need charity, raising funds for projects for children. The initiative was launched last year and proved so successful that replicate the “parade” of teddy design, signed by the most famous fashion house of luxury and fashion. The bears will be on display until November 14 from Selfridges before being auctioned at Christie’s. The fashion house of luxury do not flinch in the face of charities and often create objects and products exclusive to attract the most generous philanthropists. Whatever the action to be taken, the brand put their special touch to make a charity the opportunity to do good while shopping. The collection “Pudsey designer” is a perfect example: the designers and designers have customized the bear with different techniques, each according to his style, giving the iconic toy a fashionable look. The chamois skin, passing from silk to Swarovski crystals, the line is a rainbow in the world of fashion and style. The names in the fashion and luxury that took part in the “parade” of this year are really important: Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Loewe, Sibling, Mulberry, Giles Deacon with Swarovski Elements, Katie Hillier, Henry Holland, Louis Vuitton, Jonathan Saunders, Selfridges, Alexander McQueen, Smythson, Victoria Beckham, Prada, Versace, Missoni, Pucci, Gucci, Norton and Sons, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fendi, Balenciaga, Anya Hindmarch, Vogue, GQ, Kate Spade New York and Tom Ford. Griffe world who declined their way to an important initiative, aimed at children who need care and love. Some models are very particular, such as the one signed by Giles Deacon that shines with Swarovski Elements crystal colors and various shapes. There are classic examples such as Burberry sees the bear covered by the iconic trench or that Prada has also put a pair of shoes all’orsetto. The first collection will be on display at Selfridges until 14 November and then be auctioned: the lucky ones will be able to take home a teddy bear more than trendy, true design, knowing that you have contributed to one of the most important causes: the health and care of underprivileged children. Continue reading Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Burberry Designer sign the teddy bears trendiest

The Mini Cooper style by Louis Vuitton CoverEFX

Mini Cooper style by Louis Vuitton CoverEFX

Style and luxury for the Mini Cooper JCW created by CoverEFX, German tuner who wanted to “dress up” the car-style Louis Vuitton. The body is in fact areografata was a story that inspired the famous LV monogram, icon of the brand and that obviously is not the same: a choice that is inspired by French fashion house, but for obvious reasons can not be the same. Detail of the customization of the Mini is also the possibility of changes and positioned in its propulsion, but certainly the body “signed” is the detail that makes it unique. Fans of the French fashion house will require customization so reminiscent of bags and accessories best known targati LV, aware that this is a tribute to Louis Vuitton and not a true body signed. A little ‘what I already had a lover of the English brand plucked from the Daily Mail with a Range Rover “dressed” Louis Vuitton. Again it was a customization “homage” to the monogram, the exclusive property of the house, probably built by Overfinch, a company specializing in customizing Range Rover car based in Leeds, England. This time the areografia to LV was done on a Mini Cooper JCW by CoverEFX that, unlike the English model, worked directly on the body and not with a coating film. A touch of style for a customized version of the car that is offered, as we said before, with variations of trim and propulsion. In the first case of new gold alloy wheels 17-inch OZ branded M, in accordance with a remapping of the ECU that carries the 1.6 JCW developed, by the power of 211 hp and 280 Nm to 236 hp and 350 Nm. There is also an opportunity to request a new exhaust kits that change the sound and increase the power output, rising to 252 horsepower and 382 Nm of torque. Changes aside, surely the thing that strikes you most is the appearance that recalls the style popular in the world of the house. Even if he remembers the logo (only the brand has the exclusive use of the monogram) is always a welcome gift for fans of the brand, but it is not original, as in the case of some art installations which we spoke. The mini version of Louis Vuitton, however, raises at least two considerations: firstly, the ease with which you “play” with a brand that is so important a bulwark in the fight against counterfeiting of its policy. Second, the continuous presence of car “coated” LV that we hope will push the same fashion house to collaborate with automobile manufacturers to offer an original and truly unique.

Louis Vuitton, its “Fantastic Beasts” exhibition in Milan

Louis Vuitton Fantastic Beasts in Milan

Louis Vuitton takes part in its style to the week of the Salone del Mobile in Milan in progress. From April 17 to 30 boutiques of Via Montenapoleone in fact be exposed Maroquinaris Zoologicae, the “imaginary bestiary” for the fashion house created by Billie Achilleos. In the shop so you can see the “animals” born from the genius of the artist who combined leather accessories brand in a truly original creation. Many specimens made ??with the famous monogram that now you can see in Milan. The city of Milan is experiencing a major explosion in art and design at the Salone del Mobile in which all the major brands in the city. Many animals that have literally created by the crazed fans of the house. Surely you remember the beaver, armadillo and the chameleon, but besides these there are also the grasshopper, squirrel, cat, owl, frog, snake, crab, duck, rooster and many other more. “They are the kind of person who sees pictures in the clouds of heaven or soap bubbles in the bathtub,” said Billie Achilleos. “When I started working on this project, I went into a Louis Vuitton store looking animals in bags. As if they were already there and it was only a matter of opening your eyes to realize that a keychain in Damier Graphite was, in fact, the paw of a beaver. ” If you are curious to see how the true luxury accessories so loved and sought after as those of Louis Vuitton can be transformed into “Fantastic Beasts” pop in the boutique in Milan are not for sale, but a flight of fancy is not denied anyone.

The Range Rover “dressed” Louis Vuitton for the English roads

The Range Rover Louis Vuitton

One that many would like to customize their cars, even if it is not a Range Rover. The custom template Overfinch unearthed by the Daily Mail on the streets in the district of Westbourne Bournemouth, England, certainly not go unnoticed as it is “dressed” Louis Vuitton. On the whole coachbuilder fact is a symbol of the printing house with the LV monogram in the center and throughout the car runs a large white and pink print on the hood and you read the owner’s initials njh An extreme personalization will say, suitable only for maniacs of the brand to own a car that costs around 100 thousand pounds. For lovers of luxury motors often has to have a customization that makes your car unique, although sometimes we get to overdo it. We have seen car in gold, with diamonds or precious stones, with just the usual colors: all have one thing, to not go unnoticed. The Range Rover has attracted attention: according to British tabloid the finish is courtesy of the house with a special coating film. In practice this is a temporary customization: Once you are tired, you simply remove the foil and return to the original body. According to one expert interviewed by the Daily Mail coating custom Louis Vuitton is expected to cost between 3 thousand and 3,500 pounds. Still unclear if the job was done by Overfinch, a company specializing in customizing cars Range Rover based in Leeds, or a third company. What is certain is that with that kind of car does not pass unnoticed.

Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton, a limited edition polka dot throughout

Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, in the person of its creative director Marc Jacobs, is ready to surprise us with a new exclusive capsule collection that will be in all stores of the brand for the summer 2012. Personally I love Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs collaboration started with important figures in the arts is the right way to demonstrate how the visual arts and fashion worlds are very similar. And after having proposed many versions of the historic monogram thanks to artists like Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince, another artist is going to give us an all-new version of the Louis Vuitton logo, and this time, everything will be spotted! The new limited edition Louis Vuitton collection will be signed by the Yayoi Kusama, famous Japanese artist born in 1929, called the “queen of polka dots,” which will surely own heads the most iconic brands of the French, from the legendary trunk Speedy. The collection will include not only signed by Kusama accessories but also clothing, leather goods, watches and jewelry. Yayoi Kusama’s works are exhibited in museums of contemporary art world’s most famous, the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Right in the famous museum of the French capital is taking place these days in a retrospective Yayoi Kusama, sponsored by the French fashion their own. If you are lucky enough these days to be in Paris, I recommend you do not miss the exhibition will be a good way to try to guess what could have made ??the Kusama for Louis Vuitton. I am very curious to see the clothes and accessories of the collection, there will be a Speedy polka dot?

Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior and still refuses to Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior to Louis Vuitton

It ‘s official: Marc Jacobs, the famous American designer known for his love for Prada and men look for in a skirt, as well as for his undoubted talent, of course, refused the role of creative director of Christian Dior. For him, at this point, nothing changes: Louis Vuitton and will be directing two other brands that bear his name, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. In short, what we had predicted a few days ago has not proved entirely wrong: it seems that Christian Dior is not able to replace John Galliano. John Galliano for French fashion house is irreplaceable? Certainly have the talent and the talent of the designers of Gibraltar is not a dowry town and most of the designers who could take his place and be worthy substitutes are employed. And ‘this is the case of Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and currently, contacted by the heads of LHMV, he declined the offer. It’s rumored that Jacobs would have required big bucks and that would have demanded that all his team takes up residence at the Dior atelier, a request that was not accepted, so that the designer would have declined the offer. At this point, the future remains uncertain and Dior is a shame that a brand with a story behind it so important to be left without a talented creative director. Especially because Byll Gaytten, right arm and replacement of Galliano, was criticatissimo last Paris fashion week: the latest collection went on stage was just too commercial and there is nothing left of the magic of the Dior collections. What is certain is that, instead, future collections of Louis Vuitton will still be a dream as those to which we are accustomed to with their own Marc Jacobs.