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Kate Moss sister Lottie Moss, the model becomes

Lottie Moss Kate Moss sister

Blonde, beautiful and very chic, the girl that you see pictured in this shot is the thirteen year old Lottie Moss, unlike her peers not only to go to school and hang out with friends, but posing for her first photo shoot. And what’s more surprising Lottie also has a family: this charming girl is, in fact, the sister of Kate Moss, the most popular supermodels of all time that on the threshold of forty years, is still the most popular advertising campaigns and photo shoots . Fashion has a habit of being right here is family and Lottie in his first professional shots. Let’s find out how he got away. It is not the first time I’ve heard of Lottie Moss. Many magazines, in fact, already spoke of the sister of Kate Moss at the wedding last July, was one of the bridesmaids. Moreover Lottie seems to have inherited from the diva of the house a certain charm and physique model indeed, to tell the truth, the comparison was not at all to be a merciless and the first time in front of a photographer she has fared rather well. The photos, made ??in black and white, were taken by Andrea Carter-Bowman and are very glamorous. Moreover, despite Lottie Moss seems greatest of his thirteen years, the photographer was able to make a photo interesting and certainly not vulgar. Personally, these first photos of Lottie Moss I like a lot but, of course, this young girl is still a long way to go. Although the charisma of Kate Moss is certainly not an inherited trait ….