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Liu Jo Shoes 2014: The Prices and Where to buy online

Liu Jo Shoes 2014: The Prices and Where to buy online

Liu Jo Shoes 2014 are really of very interesting proposals , a series of shoes extremely chic and sophisticated who really waited with curiosity. The fashion brand at the time, has not yet revealed the entire collection spring summer 2014 – in stores and on the official website you can still take advantage of the sale and purchase of winter clothing and accessories in 2014 – but reveals some interesting news which is can understand what will be the trend of the season according to Liu Jo . Continue reading Liu Jo Shoes 2014: The Prices and Where to buy online

Liu Jo, the limited edition T-shirt for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2012



Liu Jo, the limited edition T-shirt for Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2012

Feel like limited edition for VFNO 2012? The t shirt Liu Jo once again adds to the long list of items celebrating the legendary night of fashion and shopping. Here’s where to find the t-shirt Liu Jo for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2012. For VFNO 2012 Liu Jo tip once on the t-shirt limited edition, this time featuring a wide sleeve with ruffles and, above all, by written fronts that show the cities in which they take place VFNO 2012. As with all limited edition for VFNO 2012, including the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the reconstruction of the earthquake-affected areas of Emilia Romagna (approximate price 65/75 euro). Continue reading Liu Jo, the limited edition T-shirt for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Kate Moss with Liu Jo: The advertising campaign Spring / Summer 2012

Kate Moss Liu Jo Summer 2012

Today I present the pictures of the new advertising campaign for Liu Jo, she is always the testimonial: the divine Kate Moss! Liu Jo is a relatively brand, has only 15 years old but is already one of the must of Italian fashion, you just think of the stratospheric success of Matilda, and then Kate, the new it bag inspired by and dedicated to their Kate Moss. After so many seasons, she is still the muse of Liu Jo, who chose her as the face of all the lines: Liu Jo Jeans and Shoes. What we see today is the fourth campaign in which Kate Moss is the face of Italian brand Liu Jo, the British supermodel has made ??more than 300 covers of fashion magazines, Vogue is the most present and, in 37 years, is still rebellious, mischievous, independent, and alluring but also a wife and mother. And ‘the woman that we all want to be. Mark Marks, owner and head of style of Liu Jo has reserved his muse beautiful words: “In addition to the indisputable beauty, charisma and his ability to pierce the target, Kate Moss is an opinion leader, an icon of undisputed style. We courted for so long for Kate to have her as our ambassador because I think it has a much in tune with our brand. It makes me really proud of it, more and more magnetic, as an interpreter of our campaigns. Have a testimonial as a planetary Kate allows us to obtain extraordinary visibility: we’re playing our game and we want to evolve to attack again. ” In these beautiful pictures Kate Moss shows off all its charm and its beauty, wears the clothes of Liu Jo’s spring summer 2012 began, ranging from elegant, refined clothing for everyday life and then move on to the photos line of jeans that are black and white and much more “spicy”. Continue reading Kate Moss with Liu Jo: The advertising campaign Spring / Summer 2012

Liu Jo Underwear: spring / summer 2011

Liu Jo Underwear
Liu Jo, the leading brand in many areas of fashion and accessories, offers us her lingerie line for spring / summer 2011, demonstrating its ability to roam between different worlds without losing his touch. Liu Jo creates a collection of intimate apparel for spring and summer that aims to enhance a woman’s feminine, modern, sensual but also romantic, who loves to feel beautiful without daring too. The two lines proposed by Liu Jo called Tentation in Minuit and Toujour Jolie, both very beautiful and in tune with the season’s trends. Continue reading Liu Jo Underwear: spring / summer 2011

Ad Campaign Spring / Summer 2011 by Liu Jo

Liu Jo

The fashion brand Liu Jo has always tried to specialize in different areas, offering clothing lines for men, women and children, giving ample room for accessories, shoes and costumes. Today we want to stay on the spring / summer 2011 presenting the new collection for the hottest season, signed from this fashion brand.

Grants for the sector has been featured widely in the big size, but do not worry, you will find the comfortable shoulder bags handbag and perfect to be worn during the day, moving on to some special pouch for the evening.
You can find exactly what you prefer, from the chic look, the female through a more casual look, in which case you will find garments made with different materials from cotton to silk, strong colors and eccentric.