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Monique Lhuillier New York Fashion Week winter 2015 – 2016 Kate Moss

Monique Lhuillier New York Fashion Week winter 2015 - 2016 Kate Moss


Monique Lhuillier, for us women, is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, is the dream made clothes. If you are so passionate about the fashion, roaring stay to discover the autumn-winter 2015-2016, who marched to New York Fashion Week just tonight (actually for them was only 19). Kate Moss has been the muse of Monique Lhuillier. The famous British supermodel is not only a beautiful woman, but has character, style and poise. She is then the lady of reference for the next cold season. Continue reading Monique Lhuillier New York Fashion Week winter 2015 – 2016 Kate Moss

Liu Jo Shoes 2014: The Prices and Where to buy online

Liu Jo Shoes 2014: The Prices and Where to buy online

Liu Jo Shoes 2014 are really of very interesting proposals , a series of shoes extremely chic and sophisticated who really waited with curiosity. The fashion brand at the time, has not yet revealed the entire collection spring summer 2014 – in stores and on the official website you can still take advantage of the sale and purchase of winter clothing and accessories in 2014 – but reveals some interesting news which is can understand what will be the trend of the season according to Liu Jo . Continue reading Liu Jo Shoes 2014: The Prices and Where to buy online

Kate Moss collection for Mango Spring Summer 2012

Kate Moss Mango Spring Summer 2012

Mango presents his new collection spring summer 2012 with the testimonial that all the brands they want but that few brands can match, the beautiful Kate Moss. We’re talking just one campaign in a few months ago, there svelammo a small preview and so now we can show all photos. Moss, the face of the Spanish brand since last year, has been immortalized once again by renowned photographer Terry Richardson. Kate Moss is a style icon and undisputed not really want to give anything up, nor love, nor his glittering career. If, in fact, last summer she married a John Galliano gown in a friendly atmosphere and fabulous, has been able to pull out for Louis Vuitton in September, to be divided among the many collaborations, to pose for the new 2012 Pirelli Calendar by Mario Sorrenti, and the covers of the most famous fashion magazine. He could not even find time to pose for Mango? No, of course, especially if there is a close friend Terry Richardson to immortalize. The style of Kate Moss in life, much more rock and gritty, it softens and focuses on the recovery of atmospheres and 70s vintage, with lots of pastel colors and look very good taste. Here is our beautiful Kate pose with flared jeans, wide and delicious soft mesh fabric pleated dresses in which reigns supreme. And black? You never miss even if it makes its appearance especially during the evening outfits, such as mini-dress worn with a soft belt and sandals or high-waisted trousers with pleats, truly sublime when paired with gold jersey. If you want to admire even more the leaders of the new collection for Mango, please read the article in which we proposed will also spot TV campaign, mischievously titled Spy Game. Continue reading Kate Moss collection for Mango Spring Summer 2012

Kate Moss with Liu Jo: The advertising campaign Spring / Summer 2012

Kate Moss Liu Jo Summer 2012

Today I present the pictures of the new advertising campaign for Liu Jo, she is always the testimonial: the divine Kate Moss! Liu Jo is a relatively brand, has only 15 years old but is already one of the must of Italian fashion, you just think of the stratospheric success of Matilda, and then Kate, the new it bag inspired by and dedicated to their Kate Moss. After so many seasons, she is still the muse of Liu Jo, who chose her as the face of all the lines: Liu Jo Jeans and Shoes. What we see today is the fourth campaign in which Kate Moss is the face of Italian brand Liu Jo, the British supermodel has made ??more than 300 covers of fashion magazines, Vogue is the most present and, in 37 years, is still rebellious, mischievous, independent, and alluring but also a wife and mother. And ‘the woman that we all want to be. Mark Marks, owner and head of style of Liu Jo has reserved his muse beautiful words: “In addition to the indisputable beauty, charisma and his ability to pierce the target, Kate Moss is an opinion leader, an icon of undisputed style. We courted for so long for Kate to have her as our ambassador because I think it has a much in tune with our brand. It makes me really proud of it, more and more magnetic, as an interpreter of our campaigns. Have a testimonial as a planetary Kate allows us to obtain extraordinary visibility: we’re playing our game and we want to evolve to attack again. ” In these beautiful pictures Kate Moss shows off all its charm and its beauty, wears the clothes of Liu Jo’s spring summer 2012 began, ranging from elegant, refined clothing for everyday life and then move on to the photos line of jeans that are black and white and much more “spicy”. Continue reading Kate Moss with Liu Jo: The advertising campaign Spring / Summer 2012

Kate Moss for Mango, the first pictures of Spring / Summer 2012

Kate Moss for Mango Summer 2012

Mango points back on Kate Moss and, this time, the British supermodel is not just the protagonist of the promotional video produced by Terry Richardson photos, but the spring-summer 2012 advertising campaign, of which I can show you a small preview. The iconic British model replaces, at least temporarily, connects the beautiful Isabeli Fontana, star of intense shooting for autumn winter 2011 2012. The two women are both beautiful but very different. Moss certainly is an iconic brand and all know that with her in an advertising campaign is hard to go wrong. Kate Moss has been immortalized by Terry Richardson in a photo studio and, as we can deduce from the first two shots presented by low cost fashion brand, the mood of the campaign is chic and sophisticated. In short, Kate Moss loses her sensuality and exercised it in an elegant and definitely cool. The new spring summer 2012 trends focuses on two of the prince of the next season hot pastel colors such as pink lovely dress that Kate is wearing in the first picture, or the classic and timeless combination of black and white, simply awesome, and minimal . About his collaboration with the Spanish brand Kate Moss said enthusiastically: “I am pleased to partner with Mango for spring summer 2012. It ‘was a very fun build the campaign and it was very easy to work with the team. In addition, the photo with Terry is always exciting. ” And what do you think, most of these new picture with Kate Moss or the advertising campaign for a walk around Paris with Isabeli Fontana? The choice is yours. 🙂 Continue reading Kate Moss for Mango, the first pictures of Spring / Summer 2012

Pretty Ballerinas for Valentine’s Day 2012 : the dancers

Pretty Ballerinas for Valentine Day 2012

Pretty Ballerinas is one of the coolest brands in circulation that produces the shoes now become real objects of worship loved by international stars. Among the celebrities who are crazy for Pretty Ballerinas is supermodel Kate Moss loves the dancers practice and glamorous brand, but also the other Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge Chatherine can not do without its accessories by Pretty Ballerinas. Today I propose a couple of dancers from the brand made ??specifically for Valentine’s Day 2012 but that, of course, you can splurge on many other occasions due to their versatility. Let’s find out together. The line which includes those dancers, also available in powder pink, aubergine, blue and black, is the “Rosary flowers at your feet” that inspires joyful and romantic love but also the stories that we like a lot and in front which never hold a tear of emotion, even though we are great now. The dancers, with a rounded tip, handmade and are made from soft materials that allow you to be comfortable. The name of the mini collection is due to special processing of the shoe that seems covered with soft and romantic rose petals. Maybe that’s why the red version is absolutely irresistible? Girls, if you have not yet chosen what to wear for February 14 I should say that these dancers Pretty Ballerinas are for you. For boys, however, I recommend you give it to your girlfriend, for that matter, if you read this article it is also because your loved one is following us and a couple of Pretty Ballerinas are ferfette for fashion addicts! 😉

DSquared2 creates the Skatemoss, fancy boots dedicated to Kate Moss

DSquared2 Skatemoss fancy bootsKate Moss

Innovative, extravagant and grintosissimi, are Skatemoss that the brand DSquared2 twins Dean and Dan decided to dedicate to the model that most iconic of all time, despite the ups and downs, continues to be the undisputed icon of the fashion industry: Kate Moss . Those who, at first glance, seem simple leather ankle boots with stiletto heels and black leather are revealed, for a closer look, the smaller skateboard. Have you noticed, in fact, resting on a platform that resembles a small metal skateboarding? A very special pair of shoes, catwalk, almost a true design object will love women who love the unusual and quirky items. The shoes, on sale at the “modest” sum of 1735 euros, have a heel of no less than 16 cm and applied to the metal platform soles seem really impossible to wear. Personally I do not even attempt to walk on it, the risk of falling after a step. And what do you think? I wonder if Kate Moss has worn them to thank the twins DSquared2 this aching tribute.

Kate Moss sister Lottie Moss, the model becomes

Lottie Moss Kate Moss sister

Blonde, beautiful and very chic, the girl that you see pictured in this shot is the thirteen year old Lottie Moss, unlike her peers not only to go to school and hang out with friends, but posing for her first photo shoot. And what’s more surprising Lottie also has a family: this charming girl is, in fact, the sister of Kate Moss, the most popular supermodels of all time that on the threshold of forty years, is still the most popular advertising campaigns and photo shoots . Fashion has a habit of being right here is family and Lottie in his first professional shots. Let’s find out how he got away. It is not the first time I’ve heard of Lottie Moss. Many magazines, in fact, already spoke of the sister of Kate Moss at the wedding last July, was one of the bridesmaids. Moreover Lottie seems to have inherited from the diva of the house a certain charm and physique model indeed, to tell the truth, the comparison was not at all to be a merciless and the first time in front of a photographer she has fared rather well. The photos, made ??in black and white, were taken by Andrea Carter-Bowman and are very glamorous. Moreover, despite Lottie Moss seems greatest of his thirteen years, the photographer was able to make a photo interesting and certainly not vulgar. Personally, these first photos of Lottie Moss I like a lot but, of course, this young girl is still a long way to go. Although the charisma of Kate Moss is certainly not an inherited trait ….