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Interior design customized for private jets in China

Interior design for private jets in China

China is now the most important luxury market mostly thanks to the growing number of billionaires. With the increase of wealth and the needs change now in the Asian country is being a real expansion for companies specialized in interior design and furnishings of private planes. What they are asking is not only rich Chinese have a private jet, but it can be the most opulent: here comes the need to apply to companies which at first were concerned only with classic interior design, but recently we are specializing in furniture luxury private planes. The private aviation is among the fastest growing in the Asian giant. Thanks to the new Chinese billionaires and growing demand from the Russians or the sheiks from the Middle East, companies specialized in private planes are discovering new market shares. No longer enough to travel first class, perhaps in the most exclusive and fashionable now the real needs of the new rich is to have a private plane for extra luxury, customized according to your wishes. This is not enough. We have seen that in the case of the sheikhs requests for furnishing the aircraft personnel can reach heights of opulence like few other cases in the world. Even if the demands of Chinese customers are constantly increasing. Guo Lihui, head of maintenance for the Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corp, a Beijing company that deals with the maintenance, repair and installation of components for aircraft, has tried desperately to some company that could meet the needs of customers. He has not found many on the market, but the few who responded to the call found a market rather than thriving. The Talcao Aviation, Aeria Luxury Interiors, or the Italian Interior Design Delta have offered their skills to meet the demands of princely bedrooms, Jacuzzi, bar areas, relaxation areas and work, everything that is required to customize a plane. Not only, as even the furniture components required are of the finest: a new carpet in the cabin of a Gulfstream G550 you can get to spend more than 30 thousand dollars. It matters little to the rich Chinese requests are those having a private aircraft as rich and opulent as possible. For interior designers the world over a steal.

Costa Concordia the ship and Interior Design cabin

Costa Concordia

Its name is a symbol of harmony between peoples, a tribute to Europe. An entirely new ship. A true island vacation that becomes a destination in most of the trip on a cruise, with many new features for maximum fun, like the Grand Prix race simulator, for emotions to sample the movie screen on the pool deck, which offers video, film and entertainment day and night, as the new local Stockholm Sports Bar and the Coffee and Chocolate Bar Helisnki. Ideal for sailing in the Mediterranean year round, thanks to the magnificent central bridge with swimming pools and whirlpools, which closes with a retractable glass roof, to be lived in any season. His extraordinary? The Samsara Spa, as well 2.100mq of well-being with a thalassotherapy pool, spa, sauna, rock … Equipment of the ship: 1,430 cabins, including 55 505 with access to the spa and private balcony, 58 suites all with private balcony, 12 to the spa, 5 restaurants, including one, the Concordia Club, paper on the reservation, 13 bars including a Cognac and Cigar bar and a Coffee and Chocolate bar, 3 pools, 2 with retractable roof, 5 hot tubs and slide, sports ground, outdoor jogging track; Samsara Spa, theater on three plans, casino and disco, internet point and library; Shopping Center; Mondovirtuale, Squok Club, baby pool, Grand Prix race simulator, a giant screen on the pool deck. Continue reading Costa Concordia the ship and Interior Design cabin

Apartment of Passage Interior design

apartment passage

The signing of the Polish mode: lina has been involved in the design of the interior design of a small apartment for visitors to move directly to the Poznan International Fair. The characteristics of these environments are therefore those of an apartment, “en route” suitable for guests: comfortable, easy, functional and interchangeable. And to achieve these goals, the designers have thought to mix elements of their mood at the hotel instead of the typical elements of the houses for residential use, however, the result is something totally new style that draws new and interesting spaces. The challenge was to achieve all these aims on the cheap: well, a good part of the furniture chosen for these interiors comes from Ikea. Continue reading Apartment of Passage Interior design

How to decorate with style and design a penthouse

style and design a penthouse

The penthouse is one of the most desirable housing solutions, especially for those who live in cities, because it still provides breathtaking panoramic views. To mean a home’s attic on the top floor of a building with ceiling height adjust (unlike the attic or attic). Usually, the attic is equipped with an outdoor space, the internal floor area may not be very large, but it certainly will be fitted with large windows, making it very bright.

Today I show you how to decorate a penthouse with style and design, preferring simple lines and shapes and the color white. Continue reading How to decorate with style and design a penthouse

The new Stella McCartney store in Las Vegas

Stella McCartney store in Las Vegas

It ‘was designed to captivate and amaze, the new store in Las Vegas for the signature Stella McCartney fashion. The brand has collaborated with the APA London studio, which has already occupied the two European history, and some local craftsmen to create a shimmering and unique. Undisputed star of the store is the horse “Lucky Spot “, taken from a Scottish castle and made with crystals suspended in the air, creating fascinating plays of light and transparency.

Exhibitors hosting sculptural clothes while the accessories are elegant and luxurious resting on blocks that surround the beautiful horse. Continue reading The new Stella McCartney store in Las Vegas

e-Types and concept store in Copenhagen where to buy digital font physically

e-Types and concept store in Copenhagen

The Danish agency-Types and has opened a concept store in Copenhagen, where customers can go to physically buy digital font. The transformation between real and virtual is so upside down and understood in a new way: what is digital it becomes physical, then return in the virtual world, where he found a place of choice. In store customers actually buy USB media on which they were loaded fonts, instead of Playtype shop online, where they are downloaded or received via mail.

Within the concept store all items are branded with the font of the company, the store will remain open for one year only. Continue reading e-Types and concept store in Copenhagen where to buy digital font physically

Bathroom Design with built in Fireplace and nice Candles

Fireplace in BathroomColor, therefore, is really a sensation. But considering our dynamic, even sometimes emotional relationship of color, “being aware of how you apply it in your environment makes all the sense in the world, ” said Debra Wade creative interior color consultant in Eugene , NC. This awareness is the basis for color therapy, a branch of holistic healing that uses color to achieve optimal health.

The offices of the study is signed in Sarajevo

The offices in Sarajevo
Signature, study design and architecture in Sarajevo, has just completed the interior design of his new office. Materials and colors were chosen to visually expand the space and to ensure that the light can run free in all environments. The combination of black and white protagonist is therefore to create a neutral background suited to an environment where creativity will always be in the spotlight, next to the rigor and precision, two feelings that black and white are not difficult to transmit.

The furnishings are all custom made and the only decorative element present (which, as a coloring does not differ at all from the main choice) is the wallpaper Maschek Iris. Continue reading The offices of the study is signed in Sarajevo

A modern apartment inspired by nature

A modern apartmentIn this apartment the designer Lori Dennis has taken clear inspiration of nature, to create internal unmistakable modern look, but also capable of giving almost atavistic feelings. Combine towards the use of various types of wood, mixed with neutral colors, which differs only by the green used in different shades from pastel to bright. The sinuous shapes of the furniture sometimes unusual use of space (for example, is living in a corner for the “toilet”), make the glance of this house very special and attractive.

The living and hospitality environments, however, seem to be unquestionable. Continue reading A modern apartment inspired by nature