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Fang , shoes by fashion designer Iris van Herpen

Fang, shoes with fangs Iris van Herpen

Fang , Dutch brand of footwear, has never followed conventions. In fact, he always looked at reviewing, concrete and provocative never alone, of the structure of a pair of shoes: the location of a heel, the ankle support, the shape of the upper.

Philosophy confirmed last shoe made ??by the brand. Designed by fashion designer Iris van Herpen (among his clients Madonna and Lady Gaga), Fang is an ” ankle boot ” suspended “fangs”, hence the name, spread over the whole sole and made ??of fiberglass and carbon, as well to ensure stability not obvious to walk. As for the distribution, probably the choice of the limited edition. Continue reading Fang , shoes by fashion designer Iris van Herpen

NAOT shoes : Designer Shoes find inspiration in trends across the globe.

NAOT shoes : Designer Shoes find inspiration in trends across the globe.

Naot Shoes you know? This footwear brand founded in 1942 in Israel (yes, you read that right!) Is available in Canada since 1989. Everything is done on site in Israel: from design to production. It is quite rare these days to the credit of the mark that is working its workforce locally. That being said, there is one thing that is not 100% Local:  Designer Shoes find inspiration in trends across the globe. Continue reading NAOT shoes : Designer Shoes find inspiration in trends across the globe.

Church’s Shoes, history and models of a brand that has become a myth

Chuch shoes

What makes a shoe Church’s one of the best in the world? The passion, skill, tradition, style and history that have made the brand one of the most important English in the world. The Church’s name is synonymous with high quality footwear for men, able to combine craftsmanship, comfort, strength and beauty. Although the house has collections for women, is the man the true protagonist. Each piece tells the story of a brand that over the years has become a must for anyone who loves the style and elegance, today as yesterday. For fashion-conscious men and style there are a few essential accessories that give that extra touch to the look even more elegant. Wear a pair of Church’s is certainly one of the options: every model of the brand is the result of careful craftsmanship that employs at least eight weeks craftsmen. The same story of Church’s rooted in a long tradition that is carried on for 140 years. Founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his wife Eliza, the small factory in Northampton, no. 30 Maple Street, has a legacy of even more ancient if you think that Stone Church, ancestor of the founder, became a master shoemaker and leather goods in 1675. Since the dawn, the secret of success of the house was the link with the tradition and craftsmanship that brought them in a few years to become a reference point for London and then to Europe. At the end of the nineteenth century is already present in several European to land in 1907 in the United States and Canada. In addition to models for men, peep also the first women’s shoes in style Church: the “Archmoulded”, modeled on the arch of the foot for the ladies, appears in 1921. The footwear from the brand they rise quickly in status symbol: it is elegant and stylish shoes, suitable for business travelers and the new society that is emerging upper middle class, hand-made, according to a precise process that allows them to resist the time and wear thanks to devices that enable ad hoc repairs. The road to the current global success is littered with models that represented the masculine elegance in time, never go out of style. The icons of the brand, which was purchased in 1999 by Prada Holding NV and finally acquired by the group in 2006, are a classic look for today as yesterday, not to mention the more whimsical patterns and those in limited edition, created for special occasions. Moccasins, classic, lace, ankle boots: each creation’s Church is a hymn masculine elegance. Continue reading Church’s Shoes, history and models of a brand that has become a myth

Hogan, all models of the Spring / Summer 2012 for shoes

Hogan Summer 2012

Hogan offers us the news of his collection of footwear for spring summer 2012 summer season, a collection that now as always emphasizes forms become the iconic fashion house, from the line of sneakers in all its variants that adore fashion victim, the new collection of sandals, flats and pumps. As always we talk about a collection of sporty chic charm, a line rich in precious details and refined choice of materials and forms:’s discover together.  As you know, in the collection of sneakers Hogan models are the most famous place of the line. The new Interactive are offered in luxurious leather with logo satin platinum python in the same tone, or color variation in silver and even python strings in plain yogurt with color and perforated logo side.
The model is designed in elective cream color profile with logo in gold and bright fabric inserts in silver leather with silver floral motif on the side, the most romantic and cappuccino colored leather with embossed logo. The new attractive City Tech include punching instead of geometric metallic leather, but are also proposed in the clay-colored satin and suede leather and technical ice.
The sneakers Olympia, lowest, found in the H side nubuck with embroidery in shades of beige, green clay and ivory leather scamoscita. The proposals are Attractive wedge high in gray suede, one of the most classic and sought after versions.
Will find models in the line of sandals in silver leather shaped cage with rubber heel and sole, Attractive models with wedge rubber outsole and satin silver and Technical Opty beautiful sandals in calfskin woven with price lists and details of metal, with high heels and plateau outside. They are also offered in clay-colored leather with ankle strap and calfskin caramel color with a contrasting heel and plateau blacks.
Very nice even flat sandals Valencia line, while among the models stand out decolletes round toe leather heel more or less high and leather upper in a number variant. Also interesting is the line of dancers Hogan, think soft leather with metallic inserts for models Wrap, among others also offered in platinum to antique effect and the variation in black satin with strings. Very special are the dancers wedge rubber and leather upper scaly snake ankle strap. Continue reading Hogan, all models of the Spring / Summer 2012 for shoes

MANGO FRANCE: Collection of shoes Mango Summer 2012

shoes Mango Summer 2012

The summer season looks chic and stylish with the latest shoe line of Spanish fashion brand, Mango. Here is a very diverse line that includes all the must-have this season, the patent through the leopard and rhinestone. Mango imposes, through this collection, a new trend for the summer. Sandals, pumps, ballet flats, gladiator sandals, clogs, and peep-toe offset this collection consists of both simple and chic. The clearcoat is highlighted on each piece. Minimalism to know that Mango is associated here with a touch of sensuality. Each pair reflects femininity and great attention to detail. Thus, one can notice that each shoe is embellished with fashion details, like the little red bow on the pump for example. This gives away, a small ultra-trendy retro. Seen the rhinestones on the front of the peep toe turquoise want to resolutely chic. The animal print is also part including python skin and zebra style. The red and black python gatecrash an offset sounds spot in the summer atmosphere. The zebra meanwhile perfectly suited to a ballerina sleek style and falsely wise. In addition, Mango dares to use the next polished and glitter on his pieces. Thus, a pair of peep-toe open fuchsia pink is adorned with this material trend. Is doing so girly and chic pair with wish that can be worn for any occasion and any look. This new collection of footwear from Spanish brand for summer 2012 looks chic and feminine. Ideal for fashionistas in search of perfect pair for frolicking in the sun. Continue reading MANGO FRANCE: Collection of shoes Mango Summer 2012

Timberland Earthkeepers footwear Women’s Spring 2011 collection preview

Timberland Earthkeepers footwear Women's Spring 2011 collection preview

For spring 2011, Timberland introduces new models of shoes to the female line of eco-friendly Earthkeepers that our friends ecoblog spoke some time ago. The collection consists of desert boots, sneakers and boots made of two variants Bionic canvas, highly resistant material made from organic cotton, stain resistant and offered in natural tones. Continue reading Timberland Earthkeepers footwear Women’s Spring 2011 collection preview