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The Range Rover “dressed” Louis Vuitton for the English roads

The Range Rover Louis Vuitton

One that many would like to customize their cars, even if it is not a Range Rover. The custom template Overfinch unearthed by the Daily Mail on the streets in the district of Westbourne Bournemouth, England, certainly not go unnoticed as it is “dressed” Louis Vuitton. On the whole coachbuilder fact is a symbol of the printing house with the LV monogram in the center and throughout the car runs a large white and pink print on the hood and you read the owner’s initials njh An extreme personalization will say, suitable only for maniacs of the brand to own a car that costs around 100 thousand pounds. For lovers of luxury motors often has to have a customization that makes your car unique, although sometimes we get to overdo it. We have seen car in gold, with diamonds or precious stones, with just the usual colors: all have one thing, to not go unnoticed. The Range Rover has attracted attention: according to British tabloid the finish is courtesy of the house with a special coating film. In practice this is a temporary customization: Once you are tired, you simply remove the foil and return to the original body. According to one expert interviewed by the Daily Mail coating custom Louis Vuitton is expected to cost between 3 thousand and 3,500 pounds. Still unclear if the job was done by Overfinch, a company specializing in customizing cars Range Rover based in Leeds, or a third company. What is certain is that with that kind of car does not pass unnoticed.

Salma Hayek in Gucci by Frida Giannini in Golden Globes 2012.

Salma Hayeks Gucci Golden-Globe-Awards 2012

On the occasion of the Golden Globes 2012, the beautiful Mexican actress Salma Hayek wore a Gucci dress that Frida Giannini Premiere has created for her. Frida Giannini is the artistic director of the Florentine fashion house Gucci, as well as creating lines pret a porter, and accessories and those of children, it also creates this fabulous haute couture line, Gucci Premiere. The Premiere Online Gucci debuted on the red carpet of Cannes in 2010, the sweet course dressed Salma. Also for the Golden Globes 2012, the beautiful Salma Hayek focuses on haute couture line designed by Frida Giannini, Gucci Premiere, only this time there was a further step forward, wearing the dress was custom made, especially for her by Giannini … the fact is divinely. But basically if you’re the wife of Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of PPR, which is part of the Gucci Group and, therefore, the fashion house Gucci, though you have privileges, right? Pinault is a certain rich man, one of the richest in the world to be accurate, however, while there are betrayals and illegitimate children to be collected to maintain (Pinault is the father of the son of Linda Evangelista) any other privilege collects as well, although still respect is the only thing that money can not buy. The Gucci label also shows the sketch of the habit of Salma Hayek and despite being a unique creation takes a little ‘show and the colors seen in the advertising campaign, the black and gold sequined have already won a bet for Frida Giannini. Continue reading Salma Hayek in Gucci by Frida Giannini in Golden Globes 2012.

Kate Middleton wears the black velvet dress by Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton dress by Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton, or perhaps I should say Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, has walked the red carpet at the annual Sun Military Awards with a beautiful evening dress Alexander McQueen signed. There’s no denying, the new wife of Prince William always knows what to do to leave us all with his mouth open, just pull off the rest of his two secret weapons. What are they? An evening gown designed by Sarah Burton, the brand’s creative director Alexander McQueen has created for her, even her beautiful wedding dress, and her most beautiful accessory: a smile. When it comes to style, the name of Kate Middleton is among the most cited. Moreover, the twenty-nine is a true icon who knows how to be cool in a dress is signed by a major label is an outfit that comes with the last collection of a low-cost brands: Zara looks sported remember the last next to Prince William? This time Kate Middleton seems to be back in the fashion world more noble and bet on an elegant dress with Alexander McQueen, Kate has captured the immediate attention of photographers. The occasion in which Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, has raised this beautiful dress were the Sun Military Awards, the ceremony, each year awards the soldiers and British soldiers who have distinguished themselves particularly. For the occasion, Kate had two riders. To accompany her on the red carpet, in fact, it was not just her husband, Prince William, but also her brother, Prince Harry. Both blacks impeccable in their tuxedos. For this important occasion Kate wore a long black velvet bustier dress by Alexander McQueen, led to a precious diamond necklace regalatale by a family friend at his wedding. How about the look of the Duchess? Continue reading Kate Middleton wears the black velvet dress by Alexander McQueen

Michelle Hunziker is not batting an eyelid to Karl Lagerfeld with his dress: pictures of comedians

Michelle Hunziker Karl Lagerfeld dress

Karl Lagerfeld has no facial expressions other than that which we used to see behind his dark sunglasses inseparable. Do not bat an eyelid even in front of the hilarious Michelle Hunziker, who tried in every way to make people laugh during the German designer of an episode of the television show yesterday curtain sexi “Wetten Dass …”, the German version of the program at home Rai “We bet? ….” As we all know, Kylie Minogue’s ex-wife is the co-host of this TV show, which saw Guest’s great designers. That does not budge even with the sympathy of Michelle. The scene is this: Karl Lagerfeld is sitting on the couch with the conductor of the German television program. Michelle Hunziker, which is used to show off Italian fashion brand, this time chose a dress that was made ??by herself. And since next door has one of the international fashion guru, thinks well of Swiss showgirl show it in every detail. Even the part of its B-side became famous in our country for a spot of the famous lingerie brand fashion Roberta. Michelle Hunziker shows Karl Lagerfeld, who have only once seen without dark glasses, her dress, hoping to elicit a reaction in the great German fashion designer. But he like a wax statue (seen the pale!) Does not make a turn, shows no interest in it nor the showgirl outfit in his attempt to implicate him. It makes a face even when she shows the detail of the skirt that is the level of its B-side ….Truly a unique aplomb, Karl Lagerfeld, who has not even given the satisfaction of saying that the suit does not like … Continue reading Michelle Hunziker is not batting an eyelid to Karl Lagerfeld with his dress: pictures of comedians

Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet who The colorblock dress by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Liv Tyler Kate Winslet

Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet are two beautiful actresses and beloved by audiences around the world, I love the casual, elegant and sophisticated Kate has never exaggerated pride and brings with her ??curves, her first wrinkles and keeps well firm to its moral principles. Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet share the same unbridled passion for fashion by Stella McCartney, often wearing his creations, and sometimes, you find the same dress to show off … again! Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet have already been caught in a dress the same, always by Stella McCartney, ever the autumn winter 2011 2012, always longuette and, of course, always beautiful. The first match between Liv and Kate had the star as a black dress with the band in transparent tulle decorated with polka dots, you remember, in that case they were just some of the stars who have made ??that dress to be groped, then also plagiarized from Asos and Mango. Today we see Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet Stella McCartney gown with the same colored blocks but in two different colors. The first to wear it is Liv Tyler who has sported last June, the actress chose him in electric blue and black and matches the black Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps and a clutch by Stella McCartney. Kate Winslet showed off this dress but on November 20 in Paris for the premiere of his new film, “Carnage”. Kate chooses red with black side strips and served with open toe sandals. In this case I do not like it the hair or makeup, it seems strange … like sick. You have the same feeling? Continue reading Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet who The colorblock dress by Stella McCartney

Kate Winslet with different colors in Stella McCartney dress : with pictures

Kate Winslet Stella McCartney

Kate Winslet has realized that this dress by Stella McCartney is the good and for this he decided to wear it on two different occasions, though he must be careful to choose two different colors. The beautiful actress, in fact, at the Venice Film Festival in 2011 but a recent social event that brought in the romantic and elegant city of Paris, showed off the very creation of British designer fashion, which, thanks to a skilled makeup can hide the roundness of her body and the body of all women who choose this beautiful look. Do you remember the look sported by actress at the Venice International Film Festival which was held in the month of September 2011? Kate Winslet had worn a dress by Stella McCartney white, marked by black stripes on the sides proposals. A look that definitely can sculpt the body of the woman who wears it. This look is part of the autumn-winter 2011/2012 Stella McCartney liked at all, so much so that Kate Winslet has seen fit to wear it again in Paris, however, opting for the red hue: both colors, thanks to the trick on the side, can make the body less abundant generous, but decidedly feminine, the protagonist of Carnage. Both Venice and Paris, where he is the worldwide launch of the film “Carnage” by Roman Polanski, here is the actress relies on her daughter’s art style, which in terms of look that does not do justice to the female body unrivaled. A very special dress, able to shape the body style of every woman. Whether you call Kate Winslet, who has a name is not known! Continue reading Kate Winslet with different colors in Stella McCartney dress : with pictures

Selena Gomez shows us her Giambattista Valli dress for spring-summer 2011

Selena Gomez Giambattista Valli dress summer 2011

For her a gorgeous dress in pastel tones and neutral colors that is part of the spring-summer 2011 collection by Giambattista Valli. A dress very sexy, very feminine, embellished with gold ring earrings and a large clutch absolutely loved it. As always, Selena Gomez guess the look to show off and then promote it.  The young actress attended the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, an event that gave us even more dreamy look, which we showed in the previous hours. On this occasion, for example, we could admire the beautiful Blake Lively with her electric blue dress fashion label Michael Kors. Continue reading Selena Gomez shows us her Giambattista Valli dress for spring-summer 2011

The dress made from children’s books signed Ryan Novellino

The dress Ryan Novellino

Today we take a break from the traditional fashion, and we see a dress made ??from the pages of books for children, picture books that have accompanied us during our childhood, and Ryan Novellino has turned into a stunning evening gown. This artist is very talented and versatile and goes from book illustrations to fashion clothes for dolls. This dress was made using the pages of books in a series for children, Golden Books, abandoned ones have been broken down and reassembled following the rules of tailoring.

Anne Hathaway dress with Dolce & Gabbana

Anne Hathaway dress with DolceGabbana

The beautiful actress Anne Hathaway was spotted in Rio at the premiere of her new movie “Rio”last March 22! Anne Hathaway chose a cute look, the summer and ultra-feminine, wearing a dress embroidered lace in the spring / summer 2011 collection, this collection was one of the most beautiful, perhaps a little ‘dull, but very pretty and feminine, full of sweetness and femininity and all dominated by white, spring for excellence.

Anne Hathaway was spotted in Rio with a delicious mini Dolce & Gabbana dress, a dress with short sleeves and a skirt made ??pompous lightweight fabric and embroidered, again all in total white.

Jennifer Aniston Valentino Couture dress with a P / E 2011

Jennifer Aniston Valentino Couture dressmexico-city

The beautiful American actress Jennifer Aniston is committed to the promotion of his first fragrance, is now in Mexico and the launch has chosen a wonderful habit of Valentino Couture Spring Summer 2011 collection. Jennifer Aniston is very pretty, of course we must recognize that too often chooses to look minimal but today, with Valentino this mini dress is absolutely beautiful, feminine and sweet and more with a new haircut!

Jennifer Aniston has chosen an elegant dress Valentino Couture collection for spring / summer 2011, the dress is made ??of beige silk chiffon and is decorated with glitter of gold.