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Converse Shoes : where to buy online?

Converse Shoes : where to buy online?


If you love the style and gritty rock and you like to personalize everything you wear, perhaps the Converse shoes with the studs are an accessory that is part of your wardrobe. The famous American sneakers are a real cult, especially nell’iconimo Chuck Taylor model, and are hardly ever pass modda; For some years, also thanks to the rediscovery in the collections of the trendiest metal details on clothing and accessories, many fashionistas have begun to customize their Converse with studs. Continue reading Converse Shoes : where to buy online?

Converse all star shoes, Fall / Winter 2012-2013

Converse all star shoes Fall  Winter 2012-2013

Converse introduces the novelty of his shoe collection autumn winter 2012-2013 and as you’d expect, they return all the classic models that already have made the history of the brand making its sneakers the most popular, the most worn, most collected and definitely the most reinvented in the history of sports models. We find the iconic All Star in clothes for all tastes, Chuck Taylor, John Varvatos Pro Leather and reinterpreted in the light of the trends of the season, but there are most interesting. Let’s take a look at the collection more closely. Converse shoes have become classics in the field of sports models, matched by fashionistas and celebrities both in casual chic as it should be, to outfits that much more elegant – and here the case of Kristen Stewart now has made history, no? – Just recently we had a look along with models of the eccentric spring summer 2013, and even then there have been new and interesting, especially the addition of models and Platform Side Zip Line Chuck Taylor. The collection autumn winter 2012-2013 Converse has her saying, as you can see in the pictures in our gallery. Even in winter Converse waiver of pastel shades to the line of Chuck Taylor high or low, while the return line Pro Leather classic tones and dark as well as new more flashy. The Star Player offers models in leather or denim, but in line with the trends of the moment there are even more eccentric studs and prints, such as the iconic American flag. Among the new boots Alice Boot, the Beverly Boot, the Elise and Hollis, short models for all tastes! Continue reading Converse all star shoes, Fall / Winter 2012-2013

Converse shoes: all models of the Spring / Summer 2013

Converse shoes Summer 2012-2013

Converse renews the ranks of his iconic sneakers with the new collection spring summer 2013, a line that includes within it all the models loved by trendsetters and celebrity, reinterpreted in new keys, in colors and shapes to suit all tastes. The most popular sneakers in the world back to win a place in the first floor with all its variants most famous versions of the new Chuck Taylor Platform, Side Zip, the All Star variants with inserts glam rock. In short, a collection waiting to be discovered! Let’s give her a closer look. The sneakers Converse sneakers are the most popular also the celebrity, as among other things, has been shown in more than one occasion Kristin Stewart, ready to match his model black minidress and dresses even more important! There are lots of Hollywood actors and actresses who collect the model, not to mention the millions of fans around the world who really have a variant for each line Converse! As well as previous and lines created in collaboration prestigious, even Spring Summer 2013 offers very interesting news for lovers of the model. For the line All Star Converse Star Player thinks the new arrivals whose most interesting feature is the recovery of the pattern stars, as the name implies, along the upper, using as basic tones, neutral colors and often the military press, which, moreover, coordinates very well with the trends of the season. The new John Varvatos instead are designed in rich fabrics with the addition of studs, stars and inserts character along the upper, while the line All Star Pro Leather, Converse sneakers think clean lines inspired by the 70s and between models stand out the most unique one with the iconic print of the American flag stars and stripes! The ever fabulous Chuck Taylor back in the Spring Summer 2013 in both versions of Converse classic we all worship obviously reproduced in a new color, which versions Side Zip Platform and which are the new development. Models Side Zip, as the name suggests, have a zipper along the sides and are declined in bright colors such as fuchsia, green, blue, yellow and orange. Even more eccentric Converse Platform with their high rubber sole, often with colored stripes. Continue reading Converse shoes: all models of the Spring / Summer 2013

4 boots / shoes Converse winter boots for women

4 boots winter boots for women

This week I’ve selected four boots for this winter, among all the innovations that are new to the shoes elegant and sporty, in this selection you will find shoes for your style and even a new trend that do not often see in the streets, namely basketball shoes converse style . This design is very cool and makes you confidence and very different from the other people. Makes you looks like a nice girl.. Continue reading 4 boots / shoes Converse winter boots for women

Converse sneakers dedicated to Gorillaz, photos of the brand’s casual shoes

Converse sneakers Gorillaz

Converse celebrates ten years of a very special band, Gorillaz virtual one, through a collection of limited edition sneakers that surely meet the tastes of young and everyone in front of a pair of shoes in the U.S. fashion label can not just say no. It’s been 10 years since the singer Damon Albard and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett have founded this revolutionary band music, which has ground success after success. Converse thinking of them has created shoes that you can see in our gallery! The American shoe brand always offers special collections really interesting. Recently, for example, have commented with you the sneakers that Converse has designed with Marimekko, with very innovative solutions glamorous, original, modern. For those who love to show off his feet shoes very unique. But the brand is not even a new invasion of the field in the musical world. Do you remember the very special collection of sneakers that Converse had dedicated to the Clash and their ‘London Calling’? Today the brand returned to talk about music, to celebrate 10 years since the debut of the virtual group Gorillaz. In fact, the group has only lent his white canvas and the classic shape of his sneakers, allowing Jamie Hewlett to unleash her ??creativity to create designs that you can see in our gallery. But not just sneakers: the brand offers all fans of the band a song downloaded online, ‘DoYaThing’, where the music of Gorillaz resonates with that of Andre 3000 and James Murphy, as well as a unique video, which is visible from yesterday on the Converse website. Not to be missed if you love the style of Gorillaz and not only their music! Continue reading Converse sneakers dedicated to Gorillaz, photos of the brand’s casual shoes

Converse loves Marimekko, the special collection of shoes Spring / Summer 2012

Converse Marimekko shoes Summer 2012

The bridal fashion brand Converse style for a range of Marimekko sneakers in bright colors and glamorous, perfect to turn into a fashion our spring-summer 2012. In this period there are many other fashion brands that we are proposing their solutions look to better face the warm season to come. From clothing to accessories, everyone wants to be part of our wardrobe for the coming spring and summer months. As Converse and Marimekko, which again unite their forces for a collection of sneakers that will make each day happier! The U.S. brand of shoes each year, offers us his very interesting partnerships that make its collections more intriguing, original and special. Recently, for example, Converse sneakers have been dressed in the colors and the geometries of Missoni, with a success indeed dazzling. And even as regards this new partnership, they are already old, you expect the same enthusiasm! Marimekko, which boasts a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes dedicated to his own style, now teams up with fashion brand for a Converse shoe collection for spring-summer 2012, but at the same time sporting glamor, enhanced by details of their tendency known textile company that comes from Finland. The new collection of sneakers Converse ? Marimekko for the hot season which will be consisting of shoes with printed Lokki (seagull), but also why Unikko, which means instead of poppy and Muija (“woman”). Without forgetting the Appelsiini (“orange”) or geometric print Kameka. All interpreted the famous Converse sneakers or high! Continue reading Converse loves Marimekko, the special collection of shoes Spring / Summer 2012

The new Converse sneakers, here presented with the Cuff Knitted

Converse Knitted Cuff

This is Converse. The American Fashion brand sneakers with knitted cuff model . this will the answer for the other collection if you were so borring about the convers model. This comes from a fashion brand that has made the casual street style and the two points important strengths. A very special model of sneakers, you may like it or not, but that does not go unnoticed. Let us see where you can buy and how it was done.

Converse brand new home


The new proposals from Converse seem endless, infinite is the way this shoe icon is reinterpreted for generations now, colored, printed, painted, designed and redesigned and the result for us? Have a conversation for any sports apparel or not we want, in fact, the conversations are a little ‘best friends of fashionistas, there is no other shoe so lively and varied depending on mode and trends in the last minute! So here’s the news that I’m sure you will enjoy them! Continue reading Converse brand new home