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Christian Louboutin Shoes: Mens Shoes fashion 2014



Christian Louboutin red sole is not just about women’s pumps: Christian Louboutin shoes are also men, although less known and celebrated female ones, and the French designer knows how to cater for many types of homo fanciest looking to buy shoes comfortable, durable and beautiful, with a twist of originality.

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Christian Louboutin Shoes 2014 summer with Rita Ora



Shoes 2014 Farfamesh is the name of Christian Louboutin shoes. as an example that we see wearing these shoes recently pop star Rita Ora are photographed on the streets of London. The Farfamesh Christian Louboutin shoes for the summer 2014 season from French shoe designer, characterization, design in the shape of a butterfly made ??of leather with gold glitter and transparent jersey inserts, heel 120mm heel.

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Christian Louboutin shoes, the new collection autumn winter 2013-2014!

Girls hold on tight because Christian Louboutin offers us a new Christian Louboutin shoes collection for autumn-winter 2013/2014, a line, I’m sure, will make you crazy and will not disappoint your expectations! For next season, Louboutin has designed a brand new line of women shoes composed of several models proposed in shades and variants interesting, not to be missed!

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Christian Louboutin Jimmynetta, a women boot with a modern and sporty shoe designed 2013.

Is the Jimmynetta, a boot with a modern and sporty shoe designed by the French designer. Apart from the funny name, this shoe surprises us just to be designed Louboutin when his style do not ever let him think. To wear for this first creation was Jessica Biel during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. These shoes from the collection spring / summer 2013 the brand and are made of gray suede with fringe detail Side. You can find them available in the boutique of the brand in brown suede ONERA. Biel chose to stay warm during the event wearing a pink duvet jacket combined with a soft top metallicao Zadig Voltaire metallic, dark blue jeans and Farida Bag leopard Louboutin always. We greatly appreciate the Jimmynetta of Christian Louboutin, which has a price of 882 euro.

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Christian Louboutin Christmas tree white and red shoes

A Christmas tree special Christian Louboutin, all made with his most iconic shoes in a mix of white and red. The designers turned to Studio XAG of London to create a Christmas tree to be displayed in the boutiques of Paris, New York and Geneva, in full harmony with the style of the house. What’s more iconic Louboutin red sole for? From there they left the designers who have built a metal structure painted in white on which they placed the casts of classic white Pigalle shoes with the red sole to form a tree. At the top, adorned with a pattern of bright light in the composition. When it comes to Christmas trees can be said that each house tries to impress clients with identifying models of style: so happens that Tokyo’s jewelry Ginza Tanaka Kikinzoku has created a solid gold tree with Disney characters has become the most expensive in the world. To make the special Christmas windows Louboutin wanted a tree that identifying him: hence the creation of the London studio with the casts of his most iconic shoes, painted white and with its distinctive red sole, the center of controversy and legal battles with another giant like Yves Saint Laurent. Each tree is enclosed in a glass case with three mirrors and placed on a rotating basis so that you can admire from every point of view: the tree of Louboutin shoes hours decorate the windows of boutiques in Paris, Geneva and New York to the delight fan of the house.

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Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2013 collectionAt a time when winter temperatures begin to be felt, Christian Louboutin unveils its new collection of “shoes” for the spring 2013 strongly acidic. If his last fall collection relied on more conventional forms and dark shapes, this new line is intended creative, colorful and resolutely daring. The colors are consistent with flashy feathers, metallic detailing and colorful stones. Reasons arty and tie and dye and water and zebra graphics on them give a more original. Congratulations Mr Christian Louboutin. Once again, the shoes surprised captivates and seduces with gorgeous models. With these small works of art for your feet, fashionistas welcome the spring season with style.

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Christian Louboutin shoes Cinderella

The dream of a modern version of Cinderella signed Christian Louboutin. The famous designer has unveiled his creation for Disney heroine home during the Paris Fashion Week and has obviously not met expectations. The genius of luxury shoes has customized the iconic glass slipper making it suitable for “princesses” of today. The shoe is made with lace, adorned with Swarovski crystals, while two butterflies hovering on the tip and the top of the heel, also adorned with crystals. High heels of course, a twelve, and the inevitable red sole Christian Louboutin to create a “dream”. The creation, production will be limited to twenty copies only, not for sale. As we explained at the announcement of the news from Disney’s Cinderella’s shoe by Christian Louboutin was requested by the film company for the launch of Blu-Ray version of the film “Cinderella,” this fall. This makes it even more exclusive creation of the designer, after featuring in this year with celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the house. The shoe recreates the fantasy model of the famous fairy tale as it was impossible to model the crystal, the designer opted for white lace and crystals, to recall the innocence of the shoe, by revisiting the classic emblems of his style, high heel and red sole . Shrike will not be easy, but it could happen to anyone: the fact Disney has thought of a competition in which you can participate by 26 August, when the official website will specify how to access. The prize is obviously creating more “fabulous” by Christian Louboutin.