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Carolina Kostner with Swarovski for ice skating : photos of the champion costumes

Carolina Kostner with Swarovski

The young and beautiful Italian skater Carolina Kostner has signed an agreement with Swarovski, the crystal dress with her in the upcoming races, which will address in the 2011/2012 season. If we have often seen wearing the fashion Carolina Kostner of Roberto Cavalli, this time, however, the champion has chosen a fashion brand Umbro, who made the costumes, which are then embellished with brilliant Swarovski Elements crystals and beautiful, which will to make even the most glamorous her performances. Hopefully perfect! If you normally have admired Italian Carolina Kostner with the leaders of Roberto Cavalli, here is that this time the ice-skating champion has decided to show off a brand made ??in Italy, although perhaps a little ‘less well-known fashion designer of the great Tuscan. From Tuscany, for this new season of racing, you go to Umbria. In the 2011/2012 season, in fact, Carolina Kostner has decided to wear costumes for competition really special and original, made ??for her, as in past occasions, by the brand Umbro T-SHIRT T-SHOPS: The brand has collaborated with the champion, who gave his style to the entire line of bridal scene. All garments are then worn on the ice in his races. But it does not end here, because thanks to the many Carolina Kostner shine Swarovski Elements crystals that have been placed on his clothing: bright and shiny look, hoping to bring good luck to the young Italian champion. I wonder if with these outfits will be able to reach all the upper echelons of the events which take part! Continue reading Carolina Kostner with Swarovski for ice skating : photos of the champion costumes

Paul Smith awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2011 edition of the British Fashion Awards

Paul Smith Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 British Fashion Awards

Prestigious award for the great British fashion designer Paul Smith, who every season offers its unique fashion on the catwalks of the world’s most prestigious. These days we speak of the very British fashion awards, which went on stage a few nights ago in London at the Savoy Hotel in the English capital. Many of the awards that were awarded in the hands of great British fashion industry leaders, among them the very name of the great Paul Smith, who received the special Lifetime Achievement Award of the British Fashion Awards 2011. The British Fashion Awards 2011 have made in these days their winners. Victoria Beckham has won the Oscar fashion, to the amazement of all. Surely one of the brands made ??in England, that of Posh Spice is one of the few who knew how to build a world-famous in no time. All would wear her clothes. The lifetime achievement award went instead to Sir Paul Smith, the British Fashion Council has wanted to celebrate the work in this way that the designer has done over the years, in which it is imposed on the international scene for his unique style. ‘I know Paul for many years, has built an incredible business, has a great sense of integrity and sense of humor. Paul Smith, the brand and the man, contribute largely to our commercial and creative industry: of his signature style is known throughout the world. It ‘s perfect for Outstanding Achievement Award receive this year’, these are the words of Harold Tillman, CBE, Chairman of the BFC, which explains perfectly why the British designer has been awarded this prestigious recognition of his career studded with great successes fashion!

The precious Burberry for Christmas , here are the most exclusive gift ideas

Christmas Burberry 2011

Back again this year the capsule collection of Burberry Christmas gift ideas that with her ??we always lose your head! Burberry The Holiday Collection 2011 is really pretty and this time, unlike past years, the brand does not use the typical colors of the party but the tip on the yellow and orange, bright colors, but offered with a style a bit ‘dull, which makes it versatile and suitable for every season. Make yourself comfortable and discover together new proposals to make it even more beautiful Burberry Christmas. The city is already festooned with colored lights, the windows are already Christmas-themed short, although still missing a month at a party, the Christmas spirit you can experience a deep breath, even the mini supermarket near my house has decorated the shop with lights. The Holiday Collection 2011 Burberry is really beautiful, we have proposed for us women and men as well, so that we can give a perfect addition to our Burberry boyfriend, husband, dad or special friend. Burberry offers us some beautiful bags, we have a leather strap and a nice yellow leather bowling bag chubby orange, the prices are about $ 1000. Then we scarves and woolen scarves decorated with the press check and also coordinated the umbrella, the British are well aware that the rain is always around the corner. The Christmas collection is complete with Burberry wallets, key rings and also beautiful for iPad cases, can not miss even the jewels, proposals frou frou very nice and full of color. Browse the photo gallery and see the new Holiday Collection 2011 Burberry accessories! Continue reading The precious Burberry for Christmas , here are the most exclusive gift ideas

Kate Winslet with different colors in Stella McCartney dress : with pictures

Kate Winslet Stella McCartney

Kate Winslet has realized that this dress by Stella McCartney is the good and for this he decided to wear it on two different occasions, though he must be careful to choose two different colors. The beautiful actress, in fact, at the Venice Film Festival in 2011 but a recent social event that brought in the romantic and elegant city of Paris, showed off the very creation of British designer fashion, which, thanks to a skilled makeup can hide the roundness of her body and the body of all women who choose this beautiful look. Do you remember the look sported by actress at the Venice International Film Festival which was held in the month of September 2011? Kate Winslet had worn a dress by Stella McCartney white, marked by black stripes on the sides proposals. A look that definitely can sculpt the body of the woman who wears it. This look is part of the autumn-winter 2011/2012 Stella McCartney liked at all, so much so that Kate Winslet has seen fit to wear it again in Paris, however, opting for the red hue: both colors, thanks to the trick on the side, can make the body less abundant generous, but decidedly feminine, the protagonist of Carnage. Both Venice and Paris, where he is the worldwide launch of the film “Carnage” by Roman Polanski, here is the actress relies on her daughter’s art style, which in terms of look that does not do justice to the female body unrivaled. A very special dress, able to shape the body style of every woman. Whether you call Kate Winslet, who has a name is not known! Continue reading Kate Winslet with different colors in Stella McCartney dress : with pictures

Mazda 2, 2011 edition : Testing with the version 1.3

Mazda 2 2011 edition

The new model is easily recognized by the redesigned front with large air intake that looks like that of most modern cars made by the Japanese. It also changed the emblem in the center of the upper air intake, now with a stylized design in the shape of wings as the sportier versions of every Mazda. The designers have also revised the frame of the fog. The new mounts 2 16-inch alloy wheels instead of steel wheels from 15 inches and, finally, there are two new exterior colors in the blue and red version. On board did not change the characteristics of habitability of a compact car that offers a discreet room for front passengers and the ability to choose between the bodywork of three doors or five. The first concern in the adoption of new materials that have improved in appearance and even to the touch. At the center of the console there are plastic inserts that resemble the surface of the piano. Instrumentation is also different, with new graphics and frames in silver. The driving position is good, with height adjustment of the seat and a steering wheel audio controls provided. The allocation of storage compartments and drawers is large. In this respect, however, improved upon the opening of the front of the front passenger compartment, which has not slowed down the opening. For seat upholstery fabrics are expected with new designs. In the test with the 1.3 configuration with the engine by 84 hp we could appreciate the excellent handling of a car that has the weight to 960 kg of a trump. Ready to change direction, the Mazda 2 has a reliable behavior also improved by the latest changes to the suspension. Also like the steering wheel, both for accuracy and for maneuverability. The engine offers the best of themselves only once over the barrier of 3000 rpm, which requires more frequent use of exchange when you want to drive in a somewhat ‘brighter. The transmission itself has excellent maneuverability, but only five speeds available. Indicate the performance in 172 km / h top speed and 12.6 seconds, the time to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h. Good declared consumption of the average, which is 5.1 liters per 100 km. Continue reading Mazda 2, 2011 edition : Testing with the version 1.3

Halloween costumes for our canine friends 2011

Halloween costumes_fire Department_2011

On the occasion of Halloween costumes that 2011 will see a lot of pull in the most glamorous parties organized around the world. But it is not only human beings to wear the masks of witches, vampires, zombies and more to be a party theme with very macabre. Unfortunately, the hardcore of this event also coming to disguise their four-legged friends, who perhaps are not quite happy to wear these costumes for Halloween 2011 chosen for them. Or maybe yes? Too bad they can not speak to tell us. After admiring the lingerie created for Halloween from Victoria’s Secret, here is that now we move to the wardrobe of our friends animals, those dogs who live at home with us and that in a bit ‘can boast of a wardrobe equal to ours, so many clothes and accessories many owners decide to buy. Although they may not need all this attention. After choosing the accessories to wear on Halloween 2011, there is some fancy dog owner who has decided to “decorate” a festival also his faithful companion. It happens in America, homeland of the most macabre celebration around the world. Besides, in New York every year, is held the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, East Village, where the owners take pride in their dogs with their Halloween costumes. In our gallery you can admire some of the costumes chosen for the dogs who attended the event, the dogs sometimes wear costumes really uncomfortable. Those same dogs that maybe would have even less of those disguises. They just stay with the owners to be happy. Dressed for Halloween or not. Continue reading Halloween costumes for our canine friends 2011

Cruise collection by Fendi for the 2012

Cruise collection by Fendi

Even the fashion brand Fendi speaks of warm temperatures, climates much more friendly than what we are experiencing now, the most radiant of days, at the presentation of the 2012 Cruise collection, proposed here with shots of the advertising campaign was designed especially for this line of women’s fashion. A sleek, chic, but also modern and contemporary art, dedicated to Fendi young woman who knows how to impress all with a simple item of clothing or an accessory. Young chosen as the model. The fashion brand continues to amaze us with his collections. We have seen recently show in Milan Fashion Week Fendi women’s line for spring-summer 2012, and here we are already here to see the advertising campaign for the 2012 Cruise collection is well represented by the model chosen as the face to speak of the style of the brand. If the fall-winter 2011/2012 Fendi had the face of Anja Rubik, here for the 2012 Cruise collection fashion brand was chosen Natasha Poly, a 26 year old model who is one of the most popular of the moment. Obviously, the Italian label recognized his style and his class in the pose for the best fashion brands. And here is the protagonist of his campaign Cruise. The Russian model posing in these shots, with the bottom of a very blinding fluorescent color, wearing apparel and accessories of the collection of Fendi Cruise 2012. Note the total look worn pure white, a trend that will be particularly fashionable, next to another woman’s wardrobe basic color, black! Continue reading Cruise collection by Fendi for the 2012

The return of lace dresses, that’s when wearing

lace dresses
There are about two years in the collections of leading designers for the summer as in winter, are invariably of lace dresses or simply for garments or accessories embellished with embroidery this so romantic and bon ton. The return of lace dresses for this fall winter 2011 2012 is part of a much larger trend that expects a return to vintage and romantic, and what fabric can embody perfectly the elegance and femininity a little ‘retro though not the lace? Besides, this fabric is very versatile and so stylish you will notice that depending on the style of apparel you can wear a lace occasions and with very different styles from each other. The stars are literally crazy about the clothes they wear lace and colorful, in classic black or creamy white, or colored version because you can be super chic but also youth. There are, moreover, the models with some transparency for a touch more mischievous. Depending on the model you will see that you can wear a lace dress in many different occasions. Continue reading The return of lace dresses, that’s when wearing

Jason Wu offers her fashion collection for low cost.

Jason Wu

The Jason Wu fashion brand offers us his lines flights to Target fashion brand. Continue the collections in the glamorous low-cost version of the most prestigious designer labels and we offer internationally acclaimed. To the delight of all that so fashionistas can wear clothing and accessories of the most prestigious brands, but without spending a fortune for this in the cloakroom. And the list of eminent personalities from the worlds of fashion and design a fashion collection at low cost is added the name of Jason Wu, who teams up with Target. Not long ago we presented an interesting fashion collection for Target Missoni, with a very interesting series of creations that have made ??a fool of American fashionistas, who literally stormed the American chain of stores. And now that the fashion designer Jason Wu presents his collection for Target. In fact for the fashion designer is not the first time since Jason Wu in the past had already collaborated with Melissa, for the creation of colorful plastic shoes and very chic. But this time we are talking about a complete collection of women’s fashion low cost, which will send back to the tilt of the Target stores. The Taiwanese designer, loved by Michelle Obama, will implement a range of clothing and accessories at prices much more affordable for all. A series of creations which will be sold starting next month of February 2011 in all Target stores, but also, in all probability, the website of the brand. Maybe!

The accessories of 2011 with exelent style for the season

accessories of 2011

What are the most fashionable accessory of 2011? Leaving aside the seasonal trends that have already seen and which are not really suited to our lives everyday, what are the accessories that can not miss in your wardrobe? I have tried to give my opinion, nice things, practical and versatile, affordable and that we can wear to the office, for university or for a romantic dinner! So what you need to buy to be trendy? Let’s find out together … The animal dancers are a must-have in winter, are nice and are comfortable with everything, you can choose from many models and many materials, from precious pony animal, the python and leather and faux patent leather. There’s something for everyone and you can match them up with jeans, a black coat but also dresses and skirts. Until versatile but the rule is: never overdo it, we should not do panterone mica, now no longer used!. The fur is always nice in the winter but now the real one is absolutely out, better protect the animals and focus on ecology. Since we must be eco-friendly so that the gray fur with a loud voice, point of glamorous colors and obviously eco friendly, just like Prada!. Prada boots must be in python with the design of the Mary Jane, but not for us, the boots should be comfortable and glamorous, well-heeled blacks to those that we all have at home I suggest you focus on those suede, tall and romantic. Obviously there are many other models, such low UGG or blacks or beige!. The earrings you wear maxi usually in the summer but who forbids us to place them in cold weather? If it without the input for this trend is King George then there is no excuse for not trying. Rely on tribal patterns but not too exaggerated, but they are easily to get jiggy with street markets. Continue reading The accessories of 2011 with exelent style for the season