Liang Beach, Ambon

liang beach- ambonin Indonesia there is a beach which was quite a beautiful place. very good for a holiday or relieve stress. Name Hunimua Coast beaches or the coast known as Liang Beach. The beach is beautiful ranked first in Indonesia, called the first ranking since the UN body which deals with research, development of the UNDP in 1990. in addition to the tourist attraction of this place are also often held the race and one of them is an activity of Sail Banda international yacht race from Darwin, Australia to the Moluccas, is scheduled to operate in the July-August 2010.

Liang beach is the longest white sand on the island of Ambon. located at a distance of 65 kilometers west of Ambon city, can be reached by motorcycle or car. On the beach has a number of tents to rest and shower rooms. Counter can also enjoy food and beverages, and crossed to the island of Pombo that all the white sandy beach, with a rented speedboat. Continue reading Liang Beach, Ambon

cool design for Living Rooms with TV as the focus modern room

cool design for Living Rooms with TV as the focus modern room
sometimes we are a little confused to arrange a room makes the room beautiful and comfortable. if you want to make changes to either the living room TV set and other places. Here I found a few ideas to help you in arranging a living room with a comfortable atmosphere and produce attractive Continue reading cool design for Living Rooms with TV as the focus modern room

Dead Sea

Dead sea formed 3 million years ago when it incurred a small fracture in jordan Riff Valley. sea water collected and the dry climate and high evaporation increases the concentration of minerals and water. The lake formed by the salt, lime and gypsum contained in the waters along the cracks and formed with a high salt content

dead sea salt levels at around 32% compared with the levels of sea salt with 3% average.
with these levels can make people float easily in sea death a dead sea salt lake area .. it is because that reached 76 km in length and has a width of 16 km, then people call it the Dead Sea

As for dead sea history is a story about the Prophet Lut, which tells of how the moral destruction of human beings at that time (sodom Gomorrah) that perform similar sexsual relationship, regardless of the story was all this dead sea has a different story from the scientific aspect is related to its salinity high. A decline in sea water discharge which achieves one of his feet each year because of the amount of water entering from the river jordan many in use for irrigation purposes so that the supply to the sea is to be reduced and the evaporation was very high, this is exactly why the sea became salty. There’s no fish that live there, and die when exposed to sea water will be very sore eyes

Dead sea even this has a property to beautify the skin, by applying this mud to the body because minerals contained in it can improve the skin, blood circulation and may help health. and has been known by King Solomon. Cleopatra and Herod the Great, so like to go to sea Continue reading Dead Sea

2011 Ford Mustang GT

This car comes with a 5.0 liter engine twin variable valve timing .4 ridge axis (Ti-VCT) with a V8 engine that produces 400 horsepower power including fuel economy in its class you will experience the fun of driving. This car has a pair of six-speed transmission. one manual and automatic transmissions also have

for his part chassis is designed with a damper tuning on a smooth highway. on the rear stabilizer bar bushings have made a good response when cornering

Six-speed automatic transmission on the 2011 Mustang GT making fuel economy. on manual transmission is made short in order to perform quick acceleration.

head of a four-valve-per-cylinder features a roller-finger follower valvetrain compact layout leaves more room for high-flow ports to breathe free performance and all-new aluminum. and a good cooling system at high rpm use bolt head is larger than the 11-12 millimeter aimed at the higher combustion pressure

while the exhaust pipe is specially designed for the perfect dumping on the steel structure used to protect the body from side to increase the performance style appearance is given new headlights and grill that increase the appearance as well as assist in engine cooling
and certainly this car is very stylish and sporty Continue reading 2011 Ford Mustang GT