"If I were president": the architecture inspired by the console

Impressive (it must be said) the work of some of the most talented and capable minds out there. “If I were president” is the ‘game’ of a fan of video games, the megalomania of an avid gamer. The architecture would be like if they were planning to decide the fate of lightning who spend the day with a pad in his hand.

We have been in three: Joseph Ford, a brilliant photographer who has recently created a wonderful campaign for HP. Antoine Mairot, specializing in graphic and 3D rendering and Mohamed Bareche who oversaw the artistic direction. Everything for an article on the new issue of Amusement.

Three images of as many imaginary buildings. One recalls that the historian of the Nintendo NES, the second transforms the PS3 into a skyscraper and the third depicts a DS in the pipeline as a possible museum space complete with solar panels instead of the screen. After the jump, the high-resolution images