Ferrari of the sea, the historic boat for sale Horse Arno XI

Ferrari of the sea, the historic boat for sale Horse Arno XI

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Ferrari Horse Arno XI

Owning a piece of history will be possible through auction by RM Auctions to be held in Monaco for “Arno XI”, Ferrari signed the historic boat. The auction house will sell a real gem with an estimate of around two million dollars, a figure that could rise given the importance of the lot. Arno XI was made ??by Ferrari in collaboration with Timossi Shipyards in 1953: a motorboat that recalls the lines of the most beautiful cars of the automobile and riding a twelve-cylinder engine with 4,500 derived from the Ferrari 375 F1, can literally blast water. The Arno XI was for the Maranello an important step in its history in one of the most fruitful periods of his production. The project was born from the speedboat of the engineering skills of Achille Castoldi and the genius of Ferrari made ??contact with the couple Alberto Ascari and Luigi Villoresi. The two drivers convinced Enzo Ferrari to make available to the shipyard the knowledge of the automobile for the creation of a fireball of the water. So it was. In addition to the aerodynamics and the engine takes the Ferrari brand, a true power that conquered the world record on October 15, 1953 on Lake Iseo, reaching 241.70 km / h. The Arno XI ended his professional career in the sixties but became a true legend for all the fans so much that his scale model of the limited edition sells for 4,800 euros. To have the original but this must be prepared to spend much more: from RM Auctions expects no less than two million dollars.



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