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Di akhir bulan Mei tahun 2014 ini yakni tanggal 24 Mei- 1 Juni 2014, Toyota Yaris Club Indonesia (TYCI) akan mengadakan touring yang diberi nama “Lets Fun and Get The Sensation” menuju Bali.  Sebagai komunitas otomotif yang cukup memegang nama di Indonesia itu mengobati ‘kehausan’ para anggota TYCI untuk touring keluar kota setelah sukses dengan touring sebelumnya pada awal tahun yaitu touring pendek ke Anyer. Sebagai informasi, ini merupakan touring Bali yang kedua sejak TYCI melakukan touring Bali di tahun 2010.


TOYOTA YARIS CLUB INDONESIA Touring : BALI, Let’s Fun & Feel The Sensation

TOYOTA YARIS CLUB INDONESIA Touring : BALI, Let’s Fun & Feel The Sensation



Perjalanan Touring Bali Part 2 bersama Yaris 2014 pada tanggal 24 Mei 2014 hingga 1 Juni 2014 berakhir dengan sangat menyenangkan, Touring yang bertujuan untuk membangun rasa persaudaraan antar sesama anggota Toyota Yaris Club Indonesia (TYCI) sekaligus test driveketangguhan All New Yaris yang sangat mengesankan.Touring kali ini juga dimeriahkan dengan kedatangan ketua TYCI Chapter Medan, Teman-teman dari Yaris Solo Community ,Jogja Yaris Community, dan teman-teman dari Toyota Yaris Club Indonesia di Bali. Continue reading TOYOTA YARIS CLUB INDONESIA Touring : BALI, Let’s Fun & Feel The Sensation

Kate Middleton with the real holiday in the villa in the Caribbean

Kate Middleton villa in the Caribbean

Since her marriage to Prince William has put the spotlight of the media, Kate Middleton is visible followed by British newspapers. So the Daily Mail said of his week’s holiday with his family to the Caribbean, the island of Mustique family property, a small private island that is part of the Grenadines. Obviously they could not miss the details of spending: it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge and his family have spent 15 thousand pounds for the week of vacation. The property is located in one of the most beautiful, private Caribbean island a favorite destination for celebrities and VIPs. Here Middleton family decided to buy your own piece of paradise, Villa Aurora, the largest of only one hundred villas including the island. The holiday home has three suites, dining area and living room plus a kitchen and a separate cottage in the garden where the swimming pool. Obviously there is also a stretch of private beach, where you can enjoy the beauties of nature. Since, however, the wife of the future King of England, the security measures were very strict with check out on boats, searching for a paparazzi, but there were also reports from some guests of the island of interrogation by the security men. The Duchess decided to unplug and recharge the batteries in the company of his loved ones, waiting for her husband, Prince William and yet create some havoc to other billionaires: But all that remains is for them to get used, because the family has now purchased the villa and the island is a frequent guest.

Disney lands in Hawaii with the first luxury resort Aulan Resort and Spa

Disney lands in Hawaii

Disney continues to invest in real estate and now arrives in Hawaii where it opened its first resort outside of its famous theme parks, the Aulan Resort and Spa Located on the coast of the island of Oahu, the new resort stretches 21 acres of land and has about 840 rooms of hotel and residential villas. Disney atmosphere for the whole family with many activities designed for children, without forgetting the relaxation for parents with spa with double spa and a wide choice of restaurants which range from local to international cuisine. Disney is expanding its real estate business not only in his best-known parks, but also outside the “boundaries” of traditional brand. The new resort in Hawaii represents a quantum leap for the same company that ventures into a new service as well, but did not fail to raise some doubts about its ability to deliver a license plate Walt Disney in the beautiful surroundings of Hawaii.

Valentine’s Day 2011: marriage to the Virgin Islands

Valentines Day 2011Virgin IslandsCelebrate their wedding on the beach at Trunk Bay, Virgin Islands, the Valentine’s Day: this is the mission of Anne Marie Porter, celebrant of every function and lover of the marriage rite that every year, marries, or renew the promises , lots of couples who come from all over the world right in the Virgin Islands. Renamed Celebration of Love, the ritual takes place on one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, according to National Geographic, and is entirely free, as are the services which the couple can enjoy.

Laguna Beach Resort, Phuket Thailand

This place is very beautiful and has great beaches. suitable place for everyone. have a great water park for young children. suites are nice and satisfactory accommodation, beaches and swimming pools. besides the hotel you can also enjoy food in front of the beach. SPA staff are friendly and can provide massage in the pool with an affordable price. you will definitely come back again after tasting this place

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Marriott Bangkok Resort and Spa, Bangkok Thailand

Marriott Bangkok Resort and Spa, Bangkok Thailand

Marriott Hotel is a great hotel with beautiful tropical plants. very spacious suite with a separate study, a broadband Internet connection, desk and two chairs, tea and coffee facilities are also provided. large bedroom with wood floors, fantastic king-size bed comfortable, the nightstand, lamp, mini bar, large TV cabinet with DVD player, dresser and small table with chairs and benches. Large sliding glass doors leading out to the side of a large balcony with table and chairs scenic river. Normal size bathroom with shower over bath, two showers and slippers are provided. There are so many restaurants in this hotel. There is a Teppanyaki restaurant Beihana Japan, Manohra if you want to eat and take a river cruise. A very good Chinese restaurant, the trader Vic’s Restaurant, serving international cuisine and has live entertainment. The Riverside Terrace is dancing for entertainment plus traditional Thai buffet dinner is brilliant. There are also countless bars to have a cocktail or beverage. Swimming pool average size but has a spa jet with water sitting at the bar. The only thing that would make it better would be the temperature, the water is too warm for serious swimming. There are plenty of deck chairs, umbrellas, tables and chairs are available. The best in the spa resort hotel is housed in separate buildings Thailand. or you can only indulge in one of the herbal baths are available. All the private massage rooms are beautiful with a separate dressing room attached. The staff is amazing, so polite, respectful and friendly. Sometimes, a little more attentive. Marriott is not close to the city center.

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Miami, Miami FL

mandarin oriental miami hotel are the Asian style hotel located on the private island of Brickell Key. Mandarin SPA complete with the famous and extraordinary, sand beach and excellent restaurant is also equipped with a martini bar. Rooms are decorated with beautiful luxury suites are also very good for business and leisure guests. With clean rooms and excellent service, delicious food. from this place you can see the sunrise in the morning. and you can also see the sailing ships. Also at a sun bathed on their private white sand beach under palm trees. This luxury hotel and service was absolutely perfectMandarin Oriental Hotel Miami, Miami FL Continue reading Mandarin Oriental Hotel Miami, Miami FL

Cabo San Lucas Vacation Villas, Resorts & Hotels, Los Cabos in Mexico

spend one or two days here very pleasant. With an interesting historical background of beauty is also a fun place. if you want to dive you might be interested in much longer here. restaurants and bars will also be a complement to your tour here. golf courses have been laid, water has been piped in from  and everywhere is kept Pristine

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