Special Lighting

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A house renovated in classic style

in focus to make the atmosphere warm and sunny. classic furniture styles mixed with modern influences that make a contemporary lifestyle. with artespana sofa and with library furniture and drawers Hanbel Globe. make a more futuristic
The best light lamps on the dining table and chairs and a kitchen with a neat becar

Yas Island Yacht Club, architecture and design with curves

The study Omiros One Architecture, O1A, has designed the new Yas Island Yacht Club on behalf of Yas Marina.

The new complex has the air of an exclusive place and has been specially designed to amaze its visitors: main element on the exterior but also interior design, are the curves and shapes that somehow remind the world of boating.

Ceilings, stairs, walls, carpets, furniture: the curves cover all returning and alienating a spectacular visual effect, which combined with special LED lights and outdoor water games, takes the visitor into a highly theatrical.

The Yas Island Yacht Club has several entertainment outlets such as restaurants, bars, VIP lounge, meeting rooms, outdoor decks and a tower of 45 meters.

Mirindiba, the home suits all styles

Mirindiba is literally a house of your dreams, designed to welcome and to make the space visually and actually enjoyable.

Its designer, Marcio Kogan, has skillfully managed to combine very different materials together to create a diverse background but desirable.

Stone and dark wood, in tradition, they found so rewarding their union with a very contemporary material like cement.

The result is a house that can be adapted to every style of furniture: modern, classic, ethnic, country, minimalist. The context makes it possible, even if the character is chosen by the designer of modern printing and helps to create an elegant and suspended.

"Wha Cabinet" means a cabinet-bookcase that illuminates

During the day, is a cabinet with open shelves and a door with a shape that resembles a question mark, solid and roomy with shelves below the curved line of furniture. The night lights up to become a valuable aid to a location of reading.

The “Wha Cabinet” was produced by the Russian Tembolat Gugkaev (the site is – alas – hard to see but there is a form you can fill in the contact page), divided spaces are backlit and the outer surface is a large lamp that ‘peeps’ on your nocturnal activities.