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Lamps and chandelier

louis-poulsenThe light is released into the house completely differently depending on which device you choose to have, so you can get depending on your preference a direct light, soft, spread evenly and according to the type of light bulb hot, cold, intense light and so on. In any case, lighting is one of the most important elements within the planning of their home. Precisely because this is an important moment when you go to the store to choose its own chandelier. Both visually and qualitatively to be a deliberate choice made with criterion always thinking about the effect to be obtained. One solution that is now ‘coming back into fashion, is the hanging lamp. The chandelier is back in fashion, becoming the shape and dimensions in a completely modern and up. Continue reading Lamps and chandelier

“Relumine” lamps that ‘dialogue’ with the light of Mischer’Traxler

relumineImagine a dialogue between objects, with anthropomorphic attitudes, a bit ‘like a Pixar movie. You are close enough to the idea that underlies “Relumine”, a project born from a reflection on the sources of light. We all have to move quickly from old light bulbs with those that allow energy savings. Therefore, new sources of light.

Each “Relumine”uses two old lamps that are taken apart, sanded, painted and adapted to new technologies, before being joined by a fluorescent tube that makes them interact. The result is a new lamp, consisting of two light sources that will ‘pass the baton’ ..Initially conceived by the designer for the show Mischer’Traxler “Bulb-fiction”at the gallery during the Klaus Engelhorn Vienna Design Week 2010, are now marketed under fluorescent lamps with 21 or 28 watts and a single power supply. They are made in limited and available on request. Continue reading “Relumine” lamps that ‘dialogue’ with the light of Mischer’Traxler

Bookmark Lamp, table lamp minimalist

Bookmark Lamp, table lamp minimalistThe French designer Leonard Kadid has designed a lamp that could be rightly chosen as the emblem of the essential, minimalist yet elegant, and also significant.
Made with a single piece of wood bent in two places, the Lamp Bookmark suggests by its name and its inevitable way of being, that artificial light has among its noblest use to help us read.
Just as a bookmark in fact, the Bookmark Lamp is part of a book, which therefore functions as the base of the lamp.
The design of this item is so subtle as to be extremely fine and able to attract immediate attention, despite its small spatial and Continue reading Bookmark Lamp, table lamp minimalist

Algae Lamp: a lamp by Christian Vivanco inspired by the marine vegetation

"Algae Lamp: a lamp by Christian Vivanco inspired by the marine vegetation
To tell us where did the inspiration for this pattern of light is the same Christian Vivanco, after having spent several summers in the Mexican Caribbean and have developed a great curiosity on coral reefs and algae, has decided to revive their ability to generate a variety of colors and intensities in constant motion underwater.

“Algae Lamp” is just a hanging lamp-like seaweed in the air: its shape and brightness are constantly changing depending on the angle from which you look. Two acrylic surfaces, two ‘sheets’ covering a fluorescent tube: two layers that diffuse the intensity of color in a gentle way. “Algae Lamp” (as the previous “Alux”) is part of a collection of lamps designed to Almerich. Continue reading Algae Lamp: a lamp by Christian Vivanco inspired by the marine vegetation

Fixtures such as mushrooms, Duosphere of Notes Design Studio

Fixtures such as mushrooms, Duosphere of Notes Design StudioI am inspired by the fungi that grow in small groups around the trees in Scandinavian forests, the lamps that are part of Duosphere Family, designed and built by Design Lab Notes, the brand of product design of Swedish Notes Design Studio.

As the name implies, the lamps are composed of two spheres, the wood base, the coprilume frosted glass. The smaller specimens are made with its low-power light globes that are grafted on the balls of wood, while the older ones are made of hand-blown glass. In both cases it is designed to save energy “in order not to overload our beloved nature.”

From The Former Warehouse to Comfortable Home

from the former warehouse to comfortable homeA Dutch designer Rolf Bruggink create a comfortable home design, the design for two rooms, measuring 30 meters square, looks like being in a safe place with style brought near the stairs. And equipped with artificial lighting. This place comes from the former warehouse in Utrecht which was designed in collaboration with Architect Mint. A charming house with a mixture of raw materials such as wood, stone and metal and comes with a black, white and gray make look elegant and a bit minimalist but restrained and also a bit ‘suspended in time. Continue reading From The Former Warehouse to Comfortable Home

Still globes, chandelier Benoit Vieubled

Still globes, chandelier Benoit VieubledBenoit Vieubled designing a lighting design for the room using old Fifteen Globes.
A gentle and beautiful lighting that is used a designer’s unique craft Orleans Terre à l’endroit, à l’envers Terre using original materials and has a charm, also another gallery of Vieubled lamp made from ingredients from the sea, Brittany Continue reading Still globes, chandelier Benoit Vieubled