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Murano glass and crystal for the lamps that come from the sea by Pataviumart 2012

Murano glass and crystal by Pataviumart

To give a touch of class to any room in the house at a particular time is enough, especially if made of Murano glass and crystal. Among these we can certainly cite lamps and chandeliers, a waterfall of crystals to illuminate any room adds a touch of glamor in any season, but summer can be more daring. Pataviumart, a company specializing in instruments of light quality, launching two models in the middle of summer style inspired by the sea. The chandelier and lamp Aquatics Aquarium seem to come directly from the seabed to bring a touch of panache summer in every environment. Longing for summer and the sea not only to wear but also for your home, especially when it comes to a villa in some holiday resorts overlooking a beautiful blue sea. The lamps and chandeliers are able to bring something very special environments especially when made with precious materials, able to illuminate and decorate a room by themselves. Like all models Pataviumart is also in this case for precious items, handmade Murano glass: an excellent technique for bending the glass in new shapes ever more precious. The Aquatic chandelier recalls the seabed in a chandelier made of glass and crystal art. A precise and imaginative work done by hand, which meets the marine world with transparent polyps that contain within them the lights of the chandelier. The water bubbles seem to be almost blunted by fish in blue, while the starfish rest on the bottom. Murano glass jellyfish whose tentacles also are attracted by the glass beads. Aquarium Lamp is an ideal model to decorate a living room of a house by the sea. High-quality materials with Murano glass that meets the Silk. All details, aquarium fish to be processed by hand in the furnace, making each piece unique, never equal to another. A breath of sea air to be taken home. Continue reading Murano glass and crystal for the lamps that come from the sea by Pataviumart 2012

“Volivik” of EnPieza: lamps and chandeliers with Bic pens


Not exactly new (the first models were made some years ago now), but we point out the same because these lamps show once again how one can achieve interesting and unconventional products since the objects of common use. These Volivik of Spanish En Spare, fully meet the requirements.

Three lamps of different sizes, fully assembled by hand, the structure consists of a huge number of Bic pens. From 347 of the smaller models, down to the 895 needed for the model that measures 120 cm high with a diameter less than 90. The only sore point – but partially justified, given the patience that will be required – is the price ranging from 1360 to 2277 €. Continue reading “Volivik” of EnPieza: lamps and chandeliers with Bic pens

Greta, a lamp by the Swedish multi Whatswhat

gretayellowIt’s sleek already named Greta lamp, produced by the trio of designer John Astbury, Karin and Bengt Brummer Wallenbeck who founded the studio in Stockholm Whatswhat. This is a pendant lamp designed as a very classic pleated shade. Its peculiarity lies in the string that ties with a small system, allows you to extend and tighten the cap at the bottom or top, thus resulting in different forms from time to time and consequently to direct the light differently.

Divided in four brilliant colors plus white and black, and finished with brass eyelets, Greta is produced by Swedish interior design gallery Svenskt Tenn and will be presented tomorrow at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011. Continue reading Greta, a lamp by the Swedish multi Whatswhat

“Tree Of Light”: the giant table lamp Vormstudio


Password staff Vormstudio is ‘conflict’. The passion for the contrasts that surprise is evident in this “Tree of Light”, a lamp, as the name suggests, plays on the relationship between the details and the entire steel structure in oak.

The second contrast is generated instead of size. If the shape suggests a lamp, it should be noted that the “Tree of Light” measuring two meters in height and with its seams can be easily positioned and structured to illuminate any space, even outside. Price available on request. Continue reading “Tree Of Light”: the giant table lamp Vormstudio

The new lamps Freedom Of Creation, designed by Karim Rashid and Pekka Salokannel

lamps designed by Karim Rashid and Pekka SalokannelA prolific designer of international repute and a talented young man selected by the network FOC Talents have designed the two flagship products of the new collection by Freedom Of Creation: so the Dutch study, which specializes in advanced techniques of 3D printing, the technology provides its service of the different types of creativity.

Cross, the lamp by Karim Rashid (in both withdrawal from the ground), aims to become an iconic lamp from the outset, adopted by the author himself as a hyper-collage of his most famous icons: in effect form a Cross is composed of many an infinite number of thumbnails of round shapes and symbols closest to the designer. His name is growing the hanging lamp designed by Finnish Pekka Salokannel, which was inspired by the forms and modular structures that can be observed in nature, especially during the growth and multiplication of plants. Continue reading The new lamps Freedom Of Creation, designed by Karim Rashid and Pekka Salokannel

The Garden lamps of OCO causas Externas

The outside lampsLamps Oco, drawn from the study for the Spanish brand causas Externas Santa & Cole, garden lanterns that are able to produce soft lighting and warm colors, despite being powered by LEDs, thanks to top that gives a green or yellow hue amber light. Made of recycled plastic and recyclable, the streetlights are painted with water soluble paints resistant to UVB radiation and can be fitted with joints, without using screws and metal parts.

Available in three heights, 99 cm, 55 cm and 33 cm, can be used to illuminate a path or driveway can be gathered in groups, perhaps of different heights, and as no heat source, can be hidden in the vegetation as were fungi. Continue reading The Garden lamps of OCO causas Externas

Egg, the lamp that changes color Marameo Design

Now launches its new catalog, Lamp Egg, which, despite its name, is shaped like a cube of about ten cm per side.the lamp that changes color

Egg is a new generation that works with a single 1W RGB Led, whose peculiarity lies in changing color, reaching 65,000 in its variation in different keys, making it not only a source of enlightenment but also an element capable of modifying the ‘atmosphere of a room. Continue reading Egg, the lamp that changes color Marameo Design

The Pocket Card Light: a light pocket-sized

pocketcardlightSmall, powerful enough, functional and comfortable: the “Pocket Card Light” of the Chinese Doulex, takes full advantage of LED technology and provides us with a thin object such as a credit card (just 3 millimeters thick), so easy to take with us everywhere.

Just tilt the shape of the bulb to see it light up and illuminate the surrounding area in nine different colors (white, black, yellow, gray, pink, green, blue and purple). A small box just to protect the source of light and very competitively priced (around $ 7), make the “Pocket Card Light, ” a gadget that much more palatable.

The glass chandelier AVALON

The glass chandelier AVALONOther product chandelier to create scenery. Avalon has a chandelier of massive proportions, with a height of 1 meter and 50 cm, so it is suitable in environments of a certain size and, above all with ceilings high enough. Even in this case, everything is designed to take advantage of the reflections formed from light and glass beads.

The effect is unique and its size make it an object that can complete a complex environment. This is a chandelier with a more minimalist, which highlights what are the glass drops.

The modern chandelier ETHER ZOOM

Ether_zoomThis pendant lamp is a veritable cascade of glass droplets. These bubbles create a lot of water suspended chiaroscuro effects within the environments. Moreover, the presence of glass and its spherical shape, allowing a very particular light reflection. The pendant lamp Ether Zoom is a new idea, the modern taste. A new way of looking at the chandelier and attach it in an innovative way in engaging and stylish environments. The light comes on top of the unit and flows like a waterfall, down to the bottom, making lighting very attractive.