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Roller Blinds from the original design

blinds the original design

Want to personalize a room? From the curtains is the first step to give a personal touch and style to private rooms or not. Today, much used, the blinds are preferred by buyers, for their convenience (with regard to the installation), as well as for their functionality and versatility. The blind is a type of tent linear and simple, which, according to the occasion and needs, can give color and style to any environment. They are used indiscriminately, to complete both modern and classical settings, for perfect harmony with the surrounding decor. Usually these are choices in the sleeping area to darken, then more often present in tissue, usually colorful and characteristic of the overall screen. Continue reading Roller Blinds from the original design

Apartment of Passage Interior design

apartment passage

The signing of the Polish mode: lina has been involved in the design of the interior design of a small apartment for visitors to move directly to the Poznan International Fair. The characteristics of these environments are therefore those of an apartment, “en route” suitable for guests: comfortable, easy, functional and interchangeable. And to achieve these goals, the designers have thought to mix elements of their mood at the hotel instead of the typical elements of the houses for residential use, however, the result is something totally new style that draws new and interesting spaces. The challenge was to achieve all these aims on the cheap: well, a good part of the furniture chosen for these interiors comes from Ikea. Continue reading Apartment of Passage Interior design

Design Furniture at the Met Bar in London

Met Bar in London

One of the most chic and exclusive night life of London, the Met Bar, has decided to auction its exclusive décor, made ??of pieces of high design in the upcoming restructuring. The restaurant has decided to auction on eBay so his entire collection of furniture for the home, including some of his most famous furniture, as well as DJ consoles that have seen some large alternation of the music scene. The auction will begin on August 1 with a base of $ 8,195.

The library in the bathroom

library in the bathroom

But really the concept of the modern bathroom has changed so much? Apparently yes, at least according to these images presented by Duravit. In fact, contemporary bathroom photographed, there is a surprising element, but even then at the bottom too: a library, illuminated and stylish (best seen after the jump), which does not seem aesthetically de-tune the balance and harmony with the rest of ‘environment. Sooner or later we would arrive: the bathroom is now a place full of relaxation, a place to stay, where to stop with pleasure and where the concept of reading is not entirely foreign (and where it was not even when the bathroom was only a fleeting place of passage). One concern: if indeed this contamination of places and features become a widespread reality, any windows or doors may preserve books and magazines from moisture and hostile climate of the bathroom? Continue reading The library in the bathroom

New designer to the court in Milan, Dolce & Gabbana for Winter 2011/2012.

New designer Dolce Gabbana2012

Dolce & Gabbana reopen the doors of their boutique in Milan’s Via della Spiga, which stands to make room for new names of international fashion. The Italian fashion brand, in fact, has just announced the names of new designers who will work with the two designers in this interesting project: the designers will work in a real laboratory fashion, where it is glamorous and innovative creations that will make collections of male and female for autumn-winter 2011/2012.

Decorated in the Japan oriental design and the concept of open space

Decorated in the oriental design Japan

Japanese style furniture is characterized primarily by clean lines, minimal design, the use of natural materials and the concept of open space. Bring a breath of this style at home it’s not complicated.  So are some essential pieces of furniture such as mats to be placed on the floor, to choose from, perhaps, in two textures, environments dividers translucent rice paper, the low tables and cushions to enjoy a drink or lunch.  For this type of furniture is essential to the use of natural materials like bamboo and wood. Often the Japanese gardens of private houses provide a location outside built entirely of wood, by way of platform.  Everything must converge in the peace and relaxation that nature can give to man.

And here you have many ideas on how to decorate in the Japanese style Continue reading Decorated in the Japan oriental design and the concept of open space

How to decorate with style and design a penthouse

style and design a penthouse

The penthouse is one of the most desirable housing solutions, especially for those who live in cities, because it still provides breathtaking panoramic views. To mean a home’s attic on the top floor of a building with ceiling height adjust (unlike the attic or attic). Usually, the attic is equipped with an outdoor space, the internal floor area may not be very large, but it certainly will be fitted with large windows, making it very bright.

Today I show you how to decorate a penthouse with style and design, preferring simple lines and shapes and the color white. Continue reading How to decorate with style and design a penthouse

The new Stella McCartney store in Las Vegas

Stella McCartney store in Las Vegas

It ‘was designed to captivate and amaze, the new store in Las Vegas for the signature Stella McCartney fashion. The brand has collaborated with the APA London studio, which has already occupied the two European history, and some local craftsmen to create a shimmering and unique. Undisputed star of the store is the horse “Lucky Spot “, taken from a Scottish castle and made with crystals suspended in the air, creating fascinating plays of light and transparency.

Exhibitors hosting sculptural clothes while the accessories are elegant and luxurious resting on blocks that surround the beautiful horse. Continue reading The new Stella McCartney store in Las Vegas

e-Types and concept store in Copenhagen where to buy digital font physically

e-Types and concept store in Copenhagen

The Danish agency-Types and has opened a concept store in Copenhagen, where customers can go to physically buy digital font. The transformation between real and virtual is so upside down and understood in a new way: what is digital it becomes physical, then return in the virtual world, where he found a place of choice. In store customers actually buy USB media on which they were loaded fonts, instead of Playtype shop online, where they are downloaded or received via mail.

Within the concept store all items are branded with the font of the company, the store will remain open for one year only. Continue reading e-Types and concept store in Copenhagen where to buy digital font physically

Mikkeller Bar, a local beer to celebrate the past and the present by Femmes Regionales

Mikkeller Bar

In creating this place, the intent was to celebrate the noblest qualities of beer, from its history and therefore from the past, up to the contemporary way of conceiving it. The Mikkeller Bar is a joint collaboration between the company brewer Mikkeller, and the study Femmes Regionales, and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The environment was the result of this collaboration is a very distinctive, delicate and elegant, which actually is not ashamed to call to mind a past. Note the original drawers “hanging” on the walls, which act as bar tables, but also decorative. Continue reading Mikkeller Bar, a local beer to celebrate the past and the present by Femmes Regionales