Interior Design

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The interior of a luxury home in London

In this Victorian house in Brackenbury Village, London, was created by a restructuring of the study Sybarite, who has maintained the period features, but that gave the interior a decidedly contemporary face.

Designed for a large family with children, this house is distinguished by circles and angles are very pleased and also very different.

On the parquet of the study area and conversation in fact, is clearly opposed to the shiny and reflective of the kitchen, but also the master bedroom. Access to interesting wine cellar directly from the dining room.

The children’s room has been designed to leave as much space as possible to the game, with full height wardrobes and beds distributed along the walls. Do not miss special accessories such as hanging objects, and the chandelier.

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2040, Ikea reveals the kitchen of the future

The kitchen in 1940 2040? Something more than a place to prepare and eat meals. It ‘s the result of an analysis commissioned by Ikea UK to study English trendcasting The Future Laboratory.

Who has painted a scenario in which home automation and automation will make this corner of the house a space that can align perfectly to the needs and habits of the owners. Until you come to a conclusion a bit ‘disturbing: the assumption that none of us is more concerned to cook in, as someone else – the kitchen itself, would be able to do it for us.

Beyond the sensationalism of this forecast, which will become integrated accessories discounts? The report speaks of the robot for the kitchen sensitive mood, self-cleaning equipment, which is also sensitive to the mood light, iPad sixth generation of 3D printers and specially made for food. Until a display mounted within the refrigerator in a position to offer news and information about food and health.

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Milan Design Weekend 2010, design and shopping for the general public

Design for the general public. Six months after the tornado that great event which is the Salone del Mobile, Milan doubles with a long weekend designed to build new opportunities for discovery, meeting and shopping for all design addicted. The event, an initiative of Mondadori and RCS has leitmotif for the theme of “The Art of Living” and inevitably focuses on the house as a place of choice for the treatment of space and the domestic affections.

From today until Sunday, then open showrooms, galleries and design studios throughout the city with a rich program that you can see on the site of Milan Design Weekend. And be careful! If you’re in the mood to buy, keep in mind that convection in the stores there will be discounts up to 30%.

In the picture, however, the construction by Kartell, declined around the timeless theme is not as original as “La Dolce Vita”.

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An ecological house in Greece

The Passive Solar House in Nikaia, Greece, is a completely green home designed by Christina Zervò Architects.

Structured in two separate cubes, only connected by a glass bridge, this home is equipped with solar panels for energy storage and finishes and furnishings made from recycled materials. In addition, the energy consumption is kept low by the presence of LED lighting.

Some interior elements are curious: the ceiling a yellow “Swiss cheese”, the industrial elements visible in the living room, the chandeliers of art. Really imaginative and welcoming nursery and decidedly contemporary (with a bed almost futuristic) the master bedroom.

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Malcolm Patterson house, a designer and stylist

The home of a creative mind is always a special place, with its own charm and its unique history, because every piece, every detail is the result of something really wanted to craft a personality that creates harmony.

The home of Malcolm Patterson, designer and stylist, perfectly embodies the characteristics of a singular place: in a former factory, the artist has created a loft where a linear and proportional to clean the bottom, some details are contrasted by no means common.

So in a house like this you can meet the 214 K of Michael Thonet chair or table lamp Kostka, chairs and candelabra modern magician. Every corner hides a surprise, a sculpture of any room design.

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HeyTeam by multiple, modular furniture and multipurpose

The project aims to create multiple HeyTeam of the furnishings and highly modular multi-purpose processing, adaptation to small spaces like apartments or multi reality or as temporary houses for rent.

Multiples can easily turn into a sofa, chair, bed, desk or table, depending on the needs of function and space.

Many units can be combined together to give life to objects larger or smaller or placed in a uniform manner.

With bold colors and vibrant, multiple can be adapted to all contemporary environments.

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In a Japanese garden on the roof of the porch-turns in the bathroom

The study Suppose Design Office, we have already met with the project Garden-in-the-house, has restored this house on three floors of Tokyo, by insertion of a really unusual.

The open-air terrace on the roof of this building in fact, used as a winter garden, has become an unusual bathroom, with a scenogria truly unique and above all with an apparent lack of privacy.

In fact, the remoteness of the surrounding buildings and the possible use of appropriate drapery, should ensure a certain degree of intimacy. But surely this is not the first impression.

It remains interesting, however, the revisiting of an environment like the bathroom in recent years has undergone a transformation incredible, but so far had not yet landed on a veranda and certainly not in a “garden”. New scenarios on the horizon?

Yas Island Yacht Club, architecture and design with curves

The study Omiros One Architecture, O1A, has designed the new Yas Island Yacht Club on behalf of Yas Marina.

The new complex has the air of an exclusive place and has been specially designed to amaze its visitors: main element on the exterior but also interior design, are the curves and shapes that somehow remind the world of boating.

Ceilings, stairs, walls, carpets, furniture: the curves cover all returning and alienating a spectacular visual effect, which combined with special LED lights and outdoor water games, takes the visitor into a highly theatrical.

The Yas Island Yacht Club has several entertainment outlets such as restaurants, bars, VIP lounge, meeting rooms, outdoor decks and a tower of 45 meters.

Mirindiba, the home suits all styles

Mirindiba is literally a house of your dreams, designed to welcome and to make the space visually and actually enjoyable.

Its designer, Marcio Kogan, has skillfully managed to combine very different materials together to create a diverse background but desirable.

Stone and dark wood, in tradition, they found so rewarding their union with a very contemporary material like cement.

The result is a house that can be adapted to every style of furniture: modern, classic, ethnic, country, minimalist. The context makes it possible, even if the character is chosen by the designer of modern printing and helps to create an elegant and suspended.

"Wha Cabinet" means a cabinet-bookcase that illuminates

During the day, is a cabinet with open shelves and a door with a shape that resembles a question mark, solid and roomy with shelves below the curved line of furniture. The night lights up to become a valuable aid to a location of reading.

The “Wha Cabinet” was produced by the Russian Tembolat Gugkaev (the site is – alas – hard to see but there is a form you can fill in the contact page), divided spaces are backlit and the outer surface is a large lamp that ‘peeps’ on your nocturnal activities.