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Luxury Bedrooms : When sleep becomes a dream

Luxury Bedrooms : When sleep becomes a dream



You have a dream to have a luxury bedroom ? When sleep becomes a dream, all the smaller aspects of furniture are treated in detail. The aesthetic is brought to a very high level and comfort becomes insurmountable. In the rooms there are not only the most exclusive luxury furnishings declined in the finest materials. The same architecture is made with exquisite design. These aspects are added amazing views and large windows. Let’s see in detail all the bedrooms plus luxurious. Continue reading Luxury Bedrooms : When sleep becomes a dream

David Beckham Home Interior Design in not far from Manchester city

David Beckham Home Interior in not far from Manchester city



This two-storey house ever club LA Galaxy star bought it in 2001. David Beckham and Victoria bought the house at a price of 1.25 million pounds. Then, they spend even more money to renovate and convert the Home Interior Design into a “palace” Beckham family. Beckham future still defend the football club Manchester United. Continue reading David Beckham Home Interior Design in not far from Manchester city

Manila Water Livingstone, the first residences signed Missoni

Manila Water Livingstone

Living in a condo signed Missoni from head to foot. You can do in Manila, the Philippines, where the group has created Water Livingstone, the first signed MissoniHome residence. The project kicks off with the collaboration of Century Properties, a local real estate company that is developing other luxury residence, including a project with Versace House. The capital of the Philippines is a candidate so new goal of revolutionizing the luxury lifestyle of the people who will stay in the apartments of the residential tower. Water Livingstone will have 52 floors with a total of 645 apartments and common areas will be inspired to fun and relaxation: a tropical dream away from the bustle of the city. Missoni has already signed many projects for residences or luxury hotels around the world, but Manila is preparing to have signed a residential tower in every particular. The project has a significant cost, about $ 315 million, but the first images promises to compete with other properties including with regard to any foreign buyers. The Manila Water will rise in Livingstone in a lush tropical environment, a short distance from the center of Makati by connecting with a new bridge. The residence was designed as an oasis of peace and relaxation as well as various types of apartments will have in common spaces designed for the needs of apartment buildings. There will thus be a sports center and recreation area and business center with two gyms, one outdoor relaxation area with jacuzzi baths, a library and a wellness center, while the upper floors there will be an amphitheater , a reception room and a pool with bar and barbecue area. Needless to say, the real attraction will be the apartments of various sizes and types and furnished MissoniHome. As with all great luxury residences are in fact the interior, especially if signed by the big brands, to give a touch of glamor. The interiors have been designed to meet the diverse needs of families, from the most numerous singles while keeping foreground philosophy of the brand, made of colors and shapes happy and playful. Each room is furnished with taste and aesthetic sense of impact, choosing from four themes created by the fashion house: Magellan, Black & White, Dalia and Vevey. For those seeking an oasis of peace and relaxation, without sacrificing style might be the right solution, if you ever want to move to Manila. Continue reading Manila Water Livingstone, the first residences signed Missoni

Interior design customized for private jets in China

Interior design for private jets in China

China is now the most important luxury market mostly thanks to the growing number of billionaires. With the increase of wealth and the needs change now in the Asian country is being a real expansion for companies specialized in interior design and furnishings of private planes. What they are asking is not only rich Chinese have a private jet, but it can be the most opulent: here comes the need to apply to companies which at first were concerned only with classic interior design, but recently we are specializing in furniture luxury private planes. The private aviation is among the fastest growing in the Asian giant. Thanks to the new Chinese billionaires and growing demand from the Russians or the sheiks from the Middle East, companies specialized in private planes are discovering new market shares. No longer enough to travel first class, perhaps in the most exclusive and fashionable now the real needs of the new rich is to have a private plane for extra luxury, customized according to your wishes. This is not enough. We have seen that in the case of the sheikhs requests for furnishing the aircraft personnel can reach heights of opulence like few other cases in the world. Even if the demands of Chinese customers are constantly increasing. Guo Lihui, head of maintenance for the Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corp, a Beijing company that deals with the maintenance, repair and installation of components for aircraft, has tried desperately to some company that could meet the needs of customers. He has not found many on the market, but the few who responded to the call found a market rather than thriving. The Talcao Aviation, Aeria Luxury Interiors, or the Italian Interior Design Delta have offered their skills to meet the demands of princely bedrooms, Jacuzzi, bar areas, relaxation areas and work, everything that is required to customize a plane. Not only, as even the furniture components required are of the finest: a new carpet in the cabin of a Gulfstream G550 you can get to spend more than 30 thousand dollars. It matters little to the rich Chinese requests are those having a private aircraft as rich and opulent as possible. For interior designers the world over a steal.

The Melissa Shoes arrive in Italy, opened the flagship store in Milan

The Melissa Shoes store Milan

What do you remember the name Via Tortona? Brave, you guessed it, this is the way in which Milan will play all events related to the design and creativity in general and, since last December 14, fashionistas all have a reason to go this route. It ‘has just opened its first flagship store in Italian by Melissa, the famous Brazilian brand specializing in shoes colororatissime, lines and innovative design, and made ??entirely of PVC soft and fragrant. Fashion is really changing. Moreover, if a few years ago they talked about shoes in PVC would surely many turned their noses up, but Melissa has cleared through customs so that this material, his creations are a true cult. The Melissa Shoes are really a myth and the Brazilian company, as well as having gained the attention of the fashion victims around the world, has attracted the attention of major designers, perhaps calling to confirm the experimental and unconventional brand, are all very imaginative and well-known designers for their creativity. A few names? Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Karim Rashid to name a few of which have created a capsule collection with Melissa, and whose collections will be on sale in the new store. Can not miss, of course, the capsule collection designed by Gareth Pugh, the maverick British designer, who presented a few days ago the creations born from its partnership with Melissa. Melissa Shoes The first Italian store looks almost like a museum from dream in which there are images of the designers who have contributed to Melissa so loved and that have transformed plastic into an object of desire among the most beloved by fashionistas.

Bang & Olufsen for luxury yachts Skagen

Bang Olufsen luxury yachts Skagen

The best of audio-visual technology for new luxury yacht. This is the basic idea of the cooperation between Bang & Olufsen and Skagen Danish shipyard, who have partnered for the creation of new yachts equipped with the best technological inventions of the house. The first to emerge from this. In preparation of the most luxurious yachts are always searching for the best in every detail. The interior must be equal to the demands of owners who want to experience the sea without ever giving up all the comforts. The home entertainment market has increased in every sector and all brands have adapted to new demands from the public, especially when it comes to luxury boats, where the technology, the highest level, must be married with the utmost attention to design. From this need arises as the cooperation between the two companies, to make the most of our sea voyage, in every detail.

Gold and crocodile leather in the interior of the Porsche GTR Stingray limited edition

Gold and crocodile leather in the interior of the Porsche GTR Stingray limited edition

For those looking for absolute opulence, the new interior in gold and crocodile leather Stingray GTR Porsche’s limited edition will be a boon. The automaker has created a fact-luxury version of the Porsche Panamera Turbo S by coating the interior with details in gold, crocodile leather and wood of Karelian birch. No detail for the moment the price of this special model that will compete at the most exclusive luxury cars. The new version of Stingray GTR Porsche launches so the gauntlet to competitors such as ultra-luxury car, as the models created by Dartz, known for the opulence of the interior, become highly sought after due to the use of skins are very rare.

Despite the discontent that these versions were created and developed between the animal, the luxury car industry is always trying to impress wealthy enthusiasts, willing to spend crazy amounts to sit behind the wheel of the car more exclusive. All that remains is to see what other ideas for the future we will devote the various car manufacturers.

Designed for business jets : Airbus unveils largest cabin in the world

Airbus cabin designed for business jets

A new breakthrough for Airbus, which has unveiled its new cabin for business jets has down the title of the largest in the world. Given the continuing demand for private jets, the company has designed a car that puts everything you need for business travel but still luxurious. Airbus ACJ 318 mounted on the cabin has two bedrooms convertible, a bathroom and a living area with meeting room with LCD TV, leather sofas and tables, as well as an area that can be converted into a dining room. At each point of the cabin were then placed power strips to ensure the operation of mobile devices during flight. Airbus is carrying out a very ambitious program that looks to the future of the aviation market. After having stunned the world with transparent aircraft project, now submitted to the Jet Expo in Moscow, his personal interpretation of private jets, often used for business trips. In an area of 75 square meters are so accommodation for up to 19 passengers can travel in comfort, even during business trips. Relax and functionality are the key words of the project that gave birth to a new way of understanding the cabin with spacious and well managed. In this way, even business trips can be a pleasant moment for the longer routes.

Golden Oak of the luxury residence

Golden Oak the luxury residenceIf you have always dreamed of living in Disney World now have the opportunity to do so in Golden Oak, a luxury residence, designed by Disney itself. Built close to the park, the new residence takes its name from the Golden Oak Ranch, where the Disney studios are often filmed the interior of the house animated films. Luxury and fairy tales in the residence that offers custom homes with prices ranging between 1.5 and 8 million dollars, plus access to the Disney parks and services by real celebrities such as spa, spa and butlers for every need. For fans of the father of Mickey Mouse, there are many possibilities for living in a fairy tale, and there is also its original home for sale. A solution in the Gold Oak could certainly satisfy the taste for fairy tales. For Disney, it is still an ambitious project, as previously announced. For thirty houses are planned this year, but the final design prior to construction of 450 houses and hotels in the nearby Four Seasons. Luxury and Fantasy, as in the best fairy tales branded Disney. Continue reading Golden Oak of the luxury residence