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Glass in Miami Beach: the new residential complex design

Glass in Miami Beach: the new residential complex design


A glass building at 120 Ocean Drive, in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Miami Beach, intended to reflect the skyline of Miami. The luxury residential complex is under construction and is scheduled between the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 will consist of 18 floors and will offer only a ten luxury apartments with amazing views over the city and the ocean at 360 degrees. Continue reading Glass in Miami Beach: the new residential complex design

Small garden with Patio in Leiden Netherlands luxury home

Small garden with patio in Leiden Netherlands luxury home

The house is located in a new urban area of Leiden where customers can currently implementing projects for their homes. And on a corner plot adjacent to the nearby park and in the south-east where there are footpaths. Despite its small garden , not all the space and the ground has been used and used for the construction of the house. A quarter of the garden is reserved for a small garden, he managed to distance the building and to maintain a private space, compared to other buildings and other homes. The choice of a garden would, however, sacrificed the space on a side of the ground. Continue reading Small garden with Patio in Leiden Netherlands luxury home

Templates and designs for pools from balcony

Pools for terrace

Some time ago it was impossible to even imagine a swimming pool on a raised terrace. Today, new technology has given the right tools to make stunning swimming in tight spaces is tricky, as it may be precisely a terrace of a palace. Of course, for those who want to build a swimming pool on a terrace, the number one rule is to make sure, after consulting experts, the feasibility of the project. An essential condition for the construction thereof. On the market there are different types of pools from the terrace, ready to meet any need, some of which are truly amazing! Here it is a gallery of the most beautiful and original models in design: Continue reading Templates and designs for pools from balcony

Decorated in the Japan oriental design and the concept of open space

Decorated in the oriental design Japan

Japanese style furniture is characterized primarily by clean lines, minimal design, the use of natural materials and the concept of open space. Bring a breath of this style at home it’s not complicated.  So are some essential pieces of furniture such as mats to be placed on the floor, to choose from, perhaps, in two textures, environments dividers translucent rice paper, the low tables and cushions to enjoy a drink or lunch.  For this type of furniture is essential to the use of natural materials like bamboo and wood. Often the Japanese gardens of private houses provide a location outside built entirely of wood, by way of platform.  Everything must converge in the peace and relaxation that nature can give to man.

And here you have many ideas on how to decorate in the Japanese style Continue reading Decorated in the Japan oriental design and the concept of open space

Illuminate the exterior (garden and terrace) at no cost, using solar energy

Illuminate the exteriorusing solar energy

Who would not want to have an outdoor lighting at no cost?
Apparently this might seem like a dream, but today thanks to the use of solar energy on lampposts, lamps, marking paths and lighting, can illuminate the space at no cost. On the market today are several companies that embrace solar lighting, offering a wide range of products characterized by cd solar cells that trap energy from the sun during the day to unleash the sunset. Continue reading Illuminate the exterior (garden and terrace) at no cost, using solar energy

The desire for innovation in the garden

A bench LED to illuminate your garden Lightbenches

The desire for innovation in the garden?
Lightbenches bench is a truly exceptional light, the element of design is ideal for your garden that combines business with pleasure. In addition to a comfortable seat Lightbenches offers the opportunity to illuminate a given space in an unconventional way. Designed by German designer Lutz Hopbach is marketed by well-known brand Frellstedt.

This is a bench equipped with LED technology, which can change the colors ranging from red, green and blue Green and Blue by pressing the keys of a simple remote control. Not only that, Lightbenches is also energy-efficient, consumes only 95W. Continue reading The desire for innovation in the garden

Arkansas House / Marlon Blackwell Architect

Arkansas House

The challenge of the Arkansas House was re-assemble a house damaged by fire and introduce possibilities for re-think the spatial character of the house, adding new elements. The design had to be defined in three weeks and the details were settled after construction began, bit by bit. The architects could work only in areas damaged by fire in the house (exterior and interior), leaving the rest untouched. The structure under existing roof, with a path between Kahn and Wright, was imposed with a new sense of hierarchy through the addition of light and lofts monitors suspended for spaces for children, a new kitchen and a large room lounge, entertainment, and a space for art pieces. Vertically oriented monitors need to bring light through windows in the sad steel interior damaged by fire. The great room is naturally lit from all sides and fill the center of the house with light and views to the sky and adjacent monitors.

With two children at one end of the house and their parents at the other end, the great room is positioned to unify the family in a large social space. The room is cut in a way that does not fit with the grid of the existing structure, providing a rich and contrasting spatial complexity. At the end of the base, a cantilevered wall appears to float in space, the composition of the metal is oxidised as a choreography of the music of Neil Young and his band. Articulated concrete block corners of each existing space and eventually settled in different ways, leaving some areas to work on them plumb. Our tactic was to float the panels in cherry and walnut veneers on the walls and all over the sky, forming a separate inner skin. The cherry and walnut floors also act to form an inner line. Tense and highly traditional, this refined surface acts as a liner for the interior lining of the external monitors aged steel plates. There is a silent resonance between new and old spaces, wrapped in the warmth of several American woods, they come together to present a new material that softens their differences. Continue reading Arkansas House / Marlon Blackwell Architect

House in North Bend / Johnston Architects

House in North Bend

The owners of this house – Scott Schell and Margaret Wheeler – are mountain guides and their terms, in the foothills of Snoqualmie, is very close to their workplace. The house of 195 m2 was designed by Johnston Architects office, seeking to accommodate the practical demands of its users with a sustainable design. It was built with some materials found on the ground. Trees or fallen branches in previous storms given the possibility to use the material, but also some firs and cedars were cut and processed for use timber. The interior features the use of wood as main material, making it warm enough spaces with openings into the woods outside.

A geothermal heat pump source that delivers power to the house, complete with a pre-heated water system based on solar heat. This is compounded by the use of recycled materials, FSC certified materials and recycling of water; strategies that are the basis of LEED certification that will close the project. We tried to incorporate the house to the natural topography of the land, so access is available at a second level by reducing the disruption of the existing environment. Added to this, two thousand plantations were made to reforest the land and soils to regenerate the native forest in their gardens. Continue reading House in North Bend / Johnston Architects

The American house in New York

American houseImagine living in a house that would like access the 53th Street New York, just steps from 5th Avenue dense Imagine this home also has 4 neighbors on your lot. 5 houses with 5 families sharing the cold shadow of Manhattan. Imagine that these houses were prefabricated and delivered to your home in less than 3 months. At the entrance courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art – MoMA – in the Big Apple New York. The second part of the sample is displayed on the walls on the sixth floor of MoMA, which reviewed and prefabrication modernism over the past 100 years. Cribs and exposure of original mapping are part of HOME DELIVERY. Here we can see fragments of history of prefabricated structures by Jean Prouvé, the shiny material of alpaca system of the American House since the late 1940’s, as well as many other designs that are a study of the history of modern architecture and the search for the best design replicable based on industrial production. Continue reading The American house in New York