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Lumiere Cesare Paciotti cute shoes for women

Lumiere Cesare Paciotti cute shoes for women



This cute shoes for women will make you the brightest star in the New Year: Absolute Lumiere Cesare Paciotti shoes. This is the name of these women shoes views, which seem an accessory “escaped” from the set of a futuristic movie and able to glow in the dark used a multitude of LED. From the collection autumn winter 2013 2014, in black suede with a mix of lame, rhinestones and sequins, this women shoes radiate an absolute light thanks to a multitude of small light bulbs to LED. How is this possible? A tiny hidden switch on the side of the shoe and powered by a single battery will ensure your holiday season to say the least sparkling! The price of the pump Absolute lumiere Cesare Paciotti shoes is 1,000 euro.

Christian Louboutin shoes : I want to win much money to buy this luxury shoes

Christian Louboutin shoes : I want to win much money to buy this luxury shoes


Everything is in the title, the brand luxury shoes keeps broadcast pictures of its flagship models of social networks, it seems that the pictures speak and they say “Buy me buy me.” For those who do not have the means I invite you to dream through these beautiful pictures of Christian Louboutin shoes. Continue reading Christian Louboutin shoes : I want to win much money to buy this luxury shoes

The Fashion Accessories Wood Design South Tyrol

The Fashion Accessories Wood Design South Tyrol

The design made in South Tyrol. South Tirol gives us a whole range of designer accessories ideal for our wardrobe and made with the warmth and charm that only wood can give. A tradition that of the woodwork today is combined with innovative and original solutions, which is not only the decor of our home, but also our personal wardrobe.

The wood design is definitely part of the story altotesina and now this eco-friendly material and precious finds swim and size, we can even wear it, show it off with our most original look, with fashion accessories that have been specifically engineered wood, as true works of art . Continue reading The Fashion Accessories Wood Design South Tyrol

Julian Hakes designer shoes for Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man 3

Julian Hakes designer shoes for Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man 3


The designer shoes Julian Hakes was so impressed by the character played by the beautiful and talented Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man 3, so that he decided to dedicate a very particular model of shoe, original, unique and futuristic design. In his mind, before creating this innovative shoes, there was a simple question: how would the shoes that Tony Starck could draw on his Pepper Potts? Continue reading Julian Hakes designer shoes for Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man 3

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Burberry Designer sign the teddy bears trendiest

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Burberry sign the teddy bears trendiest

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Burberry and many others have signed the teddy bears more trendy. This is the nova collection of “Designer Pudsey”, a line of the famous teddy bear launched last year for the BBC Children in Need charity, raising funds for projects for children. The initiative was launched last year and proved so successful that replicate the “parade” of teddy design, signed by the most famous fashion house of luxury and fashion. The bears will be on display until November 14 from Selfridges before being auctioned at Christie’s. The fashion house of luxury do not flinch in the face of charities and often create objects and products exclusive to attract the most generous philanthropists. Whatever the action to be taken, the brand put their special touch to make a charity the opportunity to do good while shopping. The collection “Pudsey designer” is a perfect example: the designers and designers have customized the bear with different techniques, each according to his style, giving the iconic toy a fashionable look. The chamois skin, passing from silk to Swarovski crystals, the line is a rainbow in the world of fashion and style. The names in the fashion and luxury that took part in the “parade” of this year are really important: Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Loewe, Sibling, Mulberry, Giles Deacon with Swarovski Elements, Katie Hillier, Henry Holland, Louis Vuitton, Jonathan Saunders, Selfridges, Alexander McQueen, Smythson, Victoria Beckham, Prada, Versace, Missoni, Pucci, Gucci, Norton and Sons, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fendi, Balenciaga, Anya Hindmarch, Vogue, GQ, Kate Spade New York and Tom Ford. Griffe world who declined their way to an important initiative, aimed at children who need care and love. Some models are very particular, such as the one signed by Giles Deacon that shines with Swarovski Elements crystal colors and various shapes. There are classic examples such as Burberry sees the bear covered by the iconic trench or that Prada has also put a pair of shoes all’orsetto. The first collection will be on display at Selfridges until 14 November and then be auctioned: the lucky ones will be able to take home a teddy bear more than trendy, true design, knowing that you have contributed to one of the most important causes: the health and care of underprivileged children. Continue reading Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Burberry Designer sign the teddy bears trendiest

Garance Dore for Kate Spade, the capsule collection with illustrations 2012.

Garance Dore for Kate Spade the capsule collection with illustrations

Garance Dore and Kate Spade decided to collaborate and create a capsule collection lively and innovative as the beautiful American designer accessories are customized with drawings and cartoons of the famous French blogger. Kate Spade does not need any introduction, its leaders and its accessories are loved by all women, shame that there is still a store in Italy but we hope that the talented Kate welcome the appeal of Italian fashionistas. Let’s look at everything there is to know about the most anticipated capsule collection of the moment. Garance Doré is a true guru of the fashion world and especially in the world of bloggers, its success has been able to go beyond geographical boundaries, thanks to a clever mix of drawings, cartoons, videos, thoughts and photographs, this girl has managed to fall in love with all of his site and his work. Garance Doré was born in Corsica, is French by birth and New Yorker by adoption, and also to love. The name is a tribute to Garance Doré Gustave Doré, the real name is top secret, even in the internet things can, miraculously, to remain confidential. Garance Doré is the girlfriend of another famous blogger, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, together are true fashion guru and communication, they are beautiful, charming, stylish and loved by everyone from designers to criticism from other bloggers by fellow journalists . Not surprisingly, Garance Doré has been hired for a collaborative fashion, who knows how many proposals rejected even before you say yes to this project, but then as you can forego the opportunity to work with designers such as Kate Spade, its collections all colors, madness and sympathy are iresistibili! Garance however, before a blogger, is an illustrator, one of those listed, among other things, is able to convey fantasy, luxury and irony in his drawings. Continue reading Garance Dore for Kate Spade, the capsule collection with illustrations 2012.

Christian Louboutin shoes reveals his Cinderella 2012

Christian Louboutin shoes Cinderella

The dream of a modern version of Cinderella signed Christian Louboutin. The famous designer has unveiled his creation for Disney heroine home during the Paris Fashion Week and has obviously not met expectations. The genius of luxury shoes has customized the iconic glass slipper making it suitable for “princesses” of today. The shoe is made with lace, adorned with Swarovski crystals, while two butterflies hovering on the tip and the top of the heel, also adorned with crystals. High heels of course, a twelve, and the inevitable red sole Christian Louboutin to create a “dream”. The creation, production will be limited to twenty copies only, not for sale. As we explained at the announcement of the news from Disney’s Cinderella’s shoe by Christian Louboutin was requested by the film company for the launch of Blu-Ray version of the film “Cinderella,” this fall. This makes it even more exclusive creation of the designer, after featuring in this year with celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the house. The shoe recreates the fantasy model of the famous fairy tale as it was impossible to model the crystal, the designer opted for white lace and crystals, to recall the innocence of the shoe, by revisiting the classic emblems of his style, high heel and red sole . Shrike will not be easy, but it could happen to anyone: the fact Disney has thought of a competition in which you can participate by 26 August, when the official website will specify how to access. The prize is obviously creating more “fabulous” by Christian Louboutin.

Fratelli Rossetti celebrates Marilyn Monroe with the limited edition décolleté : shoes

Fratelli Rossetti Marilyn Monroe shoes

A tribute to celebrate the diva, one of the greatest icons of film and style. Fratelli Rossetti wanted to pay homage to Marilyn Monroe, which this year will remember the fiftieth anniversary of his death, with Lady Brera, décolleté limited edition. Not only. The brand has also wanted to participate in the international exhibition “Tribute to Marilyn”, designed by artist Alessandro Gedda, hosting among other things, the shoe boutique in five, and their paintings sculptures created by the artist as a tribute to the actress. Glamour, fashion and high craftsmanship made ??in Italy to remember a legend like Marilyn steel. Fifty years after the death of the actress, which occurred August 5, 1962, including the Cannes Film Festival has decided to recall the diva: a fascinating mystery, skill, beauty and style have made Monroe one of the icons of the custom of our times hard to forget. Thinking of her brothers Rossetti drew Lady Brera, flagship of the 2012-2013 season, made ??of crocodile “Red Marilyn”. The shoe will be on display in five boutiques in Florence, Milan, Paris, New York and Moscow, where you can admire the sculptures and paintings inspired by the exhibition of her “Tribute to Marilyn”. First stop in Florence for Pitti Uomo (19-22 June 2012), followed by Milan during Men’s Fashion Week (23-27 June) and Paris Fashion Week in Paris, ending in New York and Moscow. Who then would wish to see the exhibition comprises 50 paintings starring Marilyn Monroe, right, choose from Milan, where he will be exposed Umanitaria from 19 June to 10 July 2012, and in Cannes, Moscow and Lugano. Among the many gifts that the world has chosen to dedicate the film star, one to wear, perhaps to feel a bit ‘like her. Continue reading Fratelli Rossetti celebrates Marilyn Monroe with the limited edition décolleté : shoes

Louis Vuitton, its “Fantastic Beasts” exhibition in Milan

Louis Vuitton Fantastic Beasts in Milan

Louis Vuitton takes part in its style to the week of the Salone del Mobile in Milan in progress. From April 17 to 30 boutiques of Via Montenapoleone in fact be exposed Maroquinaris Zoologicae, the “imaginary bestiary” for the fashion house created by Billie Achilleos. In the shop so you can see the “animals” born from the genius of the artist who combined leather accessories brand in a truly original creation. Many specimens made ??with the famous monogram that now you can see in Milan. The city of Milan is experiencing a major explosion in art and design at the Salone del Mobile in which all the major brands in the city. Many animals that have literally created by the crazed fans of the house. Surely you remember the beaver, armadillo and the chameleon, but besides these there are also the grasshopper, squirrel, cat, owl, frog, snake, crab, duck, rooster and many other more. “They are the kind of person who sees pictures in the clouds of heaven or soap bubbles in the bathtub,” said Billie Achilleos. “When I started working on this project, I went into a Louis Vuitton store looking animals in bags. As if they were already there and it was only a matter of opening your eyes to realize that a keychain in Damier Graphite was, in fact, the paw of a beaver. ” If you are curious to see how the true luxury accessories so loved and sought after as those of Louis Vuitton can be transformed into “Fantastic Beasts” pop in the boutique in Milan are not for sale, but a flight of fancy is not denied anyone.

Coca Cola The dress label bottles of the collection 2012

Coca Cola dress label bottles collection 2012

Raise your hand if you would like to drink at this time a beautiful Coca Cola ice that is both branded. Like every year, even in this 2012 we have a brand new collection of bottles adorned with large fashion brands who enthusiastically joined in this initiative which has been going on for some time. And ‘some year or so, in fact, that the giant multinational corporation headquartered in Atlanta enlists the most important fashion brands, to create the limited edition bottles of very intriguing of his most famous soft drink. If last year we had rubbed my eyes to the bottles of Coca Cola by Karl Lagerfeld, who now participates in every project imaginable, here is this year’s collection 2012 can secure the cooperation of other great names of international catwalks, which have decided to use their creativity to dress the world’s most famous bottle. After the previous editions Coca Cola returns to speak the language of great fashion brands such as Versace, Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine and Moschino: these people are the brand names that have joined in this 2012 initiative that keeps us company from 2009, when he was officially the Coca Cola Tribute to Fashion. An event strictly for charity, since all proceeds from the sale of special bottles will be donated to different organizations, each year to support different causes and very heartfelt. But how will this year the little bottles of Coca Cola? We begin with Versace, the brand of the Medusa in 2012 that has spared collaborations of great interest and success: Donatella Versace has proposed a summer version of the bottle of Coca Cola, presenting it in a version from the beach that reminds the style of Miami. Lovely Barbie on the cap on board his pink convertible. Etro, however, has a retro style, taking us straight back in the sixties, with colorful details from attractive shapes and fun, the classic white bubbly bottle of Coca Cola. Romantic and vintage version of Moschino, which decided to bombard the entire bottle of pink, very feminine and elegant, accomplished, then, a big bow a shade of pink that knows how to win at first sight. Could not miss the style in the collection of a prestigious fashion brands like Alberta Ferretti, offering traditional elegance, using purple paper to dress up the bottle, making it more glamorous, thanks to a lighter color ribbons. By Blumarine, however, there is an explosion of colors, with lots of tiny pink roses and romantic glamor that makes this bottle for a floral style which, apparently, will be out of fashion in our refrigerator. Continue reading Coca Cola The dress label bottles of the collection 2012