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Mega Yacht and Monte Carlo , the drawings of the Luxury Boats

Mega Yacht and Monte Carlo , the drawings of the Luxury Boats


Have been unveiled the first drawings of The Streets of Monaco , the incredible yacht conceived and designed by BMT Nigel Gee Yacht Island Design. Not just a boat, but a true symbol of luxury Boats that combines two symbols : the mega yacht and the city of Monte Carlo. The yacht has in fact the reconstruction of the Principality , yield scale through buildings and symbols with all that the city offers logistical Monaco heliport and tennis courts . The project is really Pharaonic at the time is still on paper and , if implemented , is expected to cost around 290 million Euros . Continue reading Mega Yacht and Monte Carlo , the drawings of the Luxury Boats

A Speed Boat to the Top: XSR48

A Speed Boat to the Top: XSR48

We recently spoke motorboat designed and endorsed by Porsche. Here, however, another boat from the clean, modern lines that has nothing to envy to the draft Porsche.

It ‘s XSR48, produced by XSMG, a medium able to offer performance of first relief, similar to those of a racing boat, exceeding 100 mph speed. All this is the result of the collaboration of several experts, among them an Italian name, that of designer Fabio Buzzi, who made possible the realization of this “custom” of the seas. A boat can excite really out of the ordinary, the result of well-55.000 hours of work of workers, designers and technicians. Continue reading A Speed Boat to the Top: XSR48

Colombo Super Indios 32 Tender to the Genoa Boat Show

Colombo Super Indios 32 Tender to the Genoa Boat Show

Many exhibitors and new at the Salone Nautico Internazionale di Genova, which opened its doors last October 6. Among them is also the Group Sarnico site made in Italy formed to create prestigious yachts in collaboration with industry experts. The group, which in 2006 acquired Giacomo Colombo SpA, historic site of Lake Como founded in 1956 and famous for the construction of boats and day cruisers fast high-class, is present at the event with nine vessels, among which the new absolute Colombo 32 Super Indios Tender, ten meters which bears the signature of Nuvolari and Lenard. Continue reading Colombo Super Indios 32 Tender to the Genoa Boat Show

Mercedes-Benz presents “Silver Arrow” luxury motoryachts between innovation and design

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow luxury motoryachts

An innovative way to experience the sea. During the Monaco Yacht Show, Mercedes-Benz Style unveiled its first luxury motoryachts, “Silver Arrow”. A collaboration with Silver Arrows Marine, a prestigious British shipyard, the vessel marks a return to the nautical sector to more than 125 years after the creation of the first ship by Gottlieb Daimler: Silver Arrow is a Gran Turismo from 14 meters suitable for navigation at sea and at night thanks to innovative solutions that have allowed us to maintain the style and design typical of the automaker. The motor yacht was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, the ideal setting for the return of the nautical sector: the appointment is one of the most popular and glamor to the industry and has been the launching pad for many innovations of the best manufacturers of yachts and boats. For the automaker “Silver Arrow” is also the realization of a project, to build the means to move in any environment. In addition to the car, Mercedes has also signed a helicopter, the EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style: made by Eurocopter, is the first multi-purpose helicopter luxury that marked a turning point in the production of the automaker. The challenge was won also in the nautical sector: Silver Arrow has in fact seen the designer of Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Style and Marine, working in harmony to create a vessel suitable for sea that had the style of cars badged Mercedes . Innovative solutions for the use of space, including exterior and interior with new color combinations and materials, without forgetting the technical aspects of navigation. The yacht will be launched in 2013: 14 meters of design and innovation designed for sailing per day, but spaces are also suitable for overnight guests. Gorden Wagener, head of design at Mercedes-Benz Cars, called it pure emotion, interwoven into luxury, style and taste. “Designing a boat was a challenge particularly appealed to us, used to design cars,” he said at the launch at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Azzam, lavish new yacht designed to overcome the Abramovich’s Eclipse

Azzamnew yacht designed to Abramovich Eclipse
A huge project for the new yacht Azzam who is destined to break the record the world’s longest private boat, wresting the title to Roman Abramovich and his Ecplispe. According to early rumors, and also published the first photographs from the Daily Mail, the yacht will be about 180 meters long, exceeding the yacht of Russian billionaire “stop” to 163.5 meters in length. The cost would be around 400 million pounds, almost 500 million euros and, always the first indiscretions, should join the fleet of the Saudi royal family, patrons of the yacht. The project during construction works and tremble in the Lurssen shipyard in Germany. As he told the British tabloid, the workers and naval engineers have already been forced to move the yacht by the dock of 170 meters to that of the 220 meters, so you can resume work, now that the space was finished. Like all large vessels, especially those linked to famous names, the Azzam, has already made headlines even before it was completed, because the same experts appeared truly stupendous. Peter Seyfferth of, told the Daily Mail that the photographers themselves were impressed by the size. “Hard to say at this stage, but I think a boat is much more elegant and interesting of the same Eclipse”. From the first rumors also referred to a special propulsion system which would also make it one of the fastest, besides being the longest. The dimensions are such that even surpasses some cruise ships, but if it were really the Saudi royal family, the customer, it is probable that the port does not leave very often. “It’s more a matter of prestige, to have the largest yacht in the world,” said Seyfferth. So difficult that it can also be hired, as happens in other cases. Other details are not currently available because, in the case of projects with clients such important and so special, they are the Saudi royals or Abramovich, the company holds very strict confidentiality agreements. You can still venture that, next all’Azzam, there will be a small fleet of boats made of much smaller size, which normally make up the most important nautical properties. In addition to the cost of construction, including major maintenance costs and management: the tank seems to contain something like a million liters, and will serve a very large staff to take care of the yacht every day. But if it is true that the owners are the Saudi royals all this should not be a problem. We will keep you updated.

Interior design customized for private jets in China

Interior design for private jets in China

China is now the most important luxury market mostly thanks to the growing number of billionaires. With the increase of wealth and the needs change now in the Asian country is being a real expansion for companies specialized in interior design and furnishings of private planes. What they are asking is not only rich Chinese have a private jet, but it can be the most opulent: here comes the need to apply to companies which at first were concerned only with classic interior design, but recently we are specializing in furniture luxury private planes. The private aviation is among the fastest growing in the Asian giant. Thanks to the new Chinese billionaires and growing demand from the Russians or the sheiks from the Middle East, companies specialized in private planes are discovering new market shares. No longer enough to travel first class, perhaps in the most exclusive and fashionable now the real needs of the new rich is to have a private plane for extra luxury, customized according to your wishes. This is not enough. We have seen that in the case of the sheikhs requests for furnishing the aircraft personnel can reach heights of opulence like few other cases in the world. Even if the demands of Chinese customers are constantly increasing. Guo Lihui, head of maintenance for the Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corp, a Beijing company that deals with the maintenance, repair and installation of components for aircraft, has tried desperately to some company that could meet the needs of customers. He has not found many on the market, but the few who responded to the call found a market rather than thriving. The Talcao Aviation, Aeria Luxury Interiors, or the Italian Interior Design Delta have offered their skills to meet the demands of princely bedrooms, Jacuzzi, bar areas, relaxation areas and work, everything that is required to customize a plane. Not only, as even the furniture components required are of the finest: a new carpet in the cabin of a Gulfstream G550 you can get to spend more than 30 thousand dollars. It matters little to the rich Chinese requests are those having a private aircraft as rich and opulent as possible. For interior designers the world over a steal.

Costa Concordia the ship and Interior Design cabin

Costa Concordia

Its name is a symbol of harmony between peoples, a tribute to Europe. An entirely new ship. A true island vacation that becomes a destination in most of the trip on a cruise, with many new features for maximum fun, like the Grand Prix race simulator, for emotions to sample the movie screen on the pool deck, which offers video, film and entertainment day and night, as the new local Stockholm Sports Bar and the Coffee and Chocolate Bar Helisnki. Ideal for sailing in the Mediterranean year round, thanks to the magnificent central bridge with swimming pools and whirlpools, which closes with a retractable glass roof, to be lived in any season. His extraordinary? The Samsara Spa, as well 2.100mq of well-being with a thalassotherapy pool, spa, sauna, rock … Equipment of the ship: 1,430 cabins, including 55 505 with access to the spa and private balcony, 58 suites all with private balcony, 12 to the spa, 5 restaurants, including one, the Concordia Club, paper on the reservation, 13 bars including a Cognac and Cigar bar and a Coffee and Chocolate bar, 3 pools, 2 with retractable roof, 5 hot tubs and slide, sports ground, outdoor jogging track; Samsara Spa, theater on three plans, casino and disco, internet point and library; Shopping Center; Mondovirtuale, Squok Club, baby pool, Grand Prix race simulator, a giant screen on the pool deck. Continue reading Costa Concordia the ship and Interior Design cabin

PJ World, the new James Bond style super-yachts

PJ World James Bond super-yachts

A dream in the sea would say just by reading the draft of the PJ World, the new James Bond-style super-yachts from 150 million dollars. To ensure the uniqueness of the project signed boat Rolls-Royce and some goodies that make a yacht worthy of the 007 most famous in the world. Under construction at the shipyard Palmer Johnson Norway, the 82-meter yacht is completed by a private helicopter hangar and a ‘garage’ for a real submarine, capable of carrying up to six people. As in the adventures of the secret agent will be able to reach the boat to a helicopter and explore the seabed with a personal submarine. If the yachts are a must for millionaires, the PJ World is destined to become the new object of worship for lovers owners who can spend 150 million dollars for the ship of dreams. A true floating luxury home with guest apartments and a huge suite for the owner. Open spaces, ballrooms, the PJ World has everything you would expect from an ultra-luxury yacht with a lot more. The hangar is designed to accommodate a small filling station for the helicopter and is able to plow every sea, from the Mediterranean to the Antarctic. The submarine is also a real chic that will experience the sea like never before. To see him ride the waves, we have to wait a while ‘, as the construction will not be finished before 18 months.

Bang & Olufsen for luxury yachts Skagen

Bang Olufsen luxury yachts Skagen

The best of audio-visual technology for new luxury yacht. This is the basic idea of the cooperation between Bang & Olufsen and Skagen Danish shipyard, who have partnered for the creation of new yachts equipped with the best technological inventions of the house. The first to emerge from this. In preparation of the most luxurious yachts are always searching for the best in every detail. The interior must be equal to the demands of owners who want to experience the sea without ever giving up all the comforts. The home entertainment market has increased in every sector and all brands have adapted to new demands from the public, especially when it comes to luxury boats, where the technology, the highest level, must be married with the utmost attention to design. From this need arises as the cooperation between the two companies, to make the most of our sea voyage, in every detail.

Aston Martin Voyage 55, the beloved boat inspired by James Bond car

Aston Martin Voyage 55

If James Bond had his own personal boat would probably be the Aston Martin Voyage 55, designed by the renowned designer of luxury yachts and Luiz De Basto. From his passion for Aston Martin, the car loved by the world’s most famous 007, was founded in fact this boat, which incorporates the style, shapes, and some elements of the cars in a real luxury for this combination of 55 feet. An operation is not easy for the designer but said he was inspired by the shapes of the cars to give life to a dream, to sail the waters onboard an Aston Martin. At the moment it is just a concept, but can be ordered with all the options in addition to measure, even though the price has not yet been revealed. The combination of luxury cars and motorboats is not new, as other cars like the Chevrolet Corvette and the Bugatti Veyron, have inspired other shipyards. The Aston Martin Voyage 55 resumes so some elements of the car as the headlights, rear spoiler, front grille and the windshield. Green for the external body, the interior is made ??from the finest materials in a soft white shade. “How many yacht designers, in addition to being an architect, I have a passion for cars and in particular for car design,” explained De Basto. “Many of us have talked about the similarities in design between boats and cars, but I think it’s fascinating talk about the differences, because there are many more and clarify the difficulty in conceiving the project.” The excellent work of the designer has paid off and the boat is a true gem that fans will gorge that can experience the thrill of the James Bond style.