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Designed for business jets : Airbus unveils largest cabin in the world

Airbus cabin designed for business jets

A new breakthrough for Airbus, which has unveiled its new cabin for business jets has down the title of the largest in the world. Given the continuing demand for private jets, the company has designed a car that puts everything you need for business travel but still luxurious. Airbus ACJ 318 mounted on the cabin has two bedrooms convertible, a bathroom and a living area with meeting room with LCD TV, leather sofas and tables, as well as an area that can be converted into a dining room. At each point of the cabin were then placed power strips to ensure the operation of mobile devices during flight. Airbus is carrying out a very ambitious program that looks to the future of the aviation market. After having stunned the world with transparent aircraft project, now submitted to the Jet Expo in Moscow, his personal interpretation of private jets, often used for business trips. In an area of 75 square meters are so accommodation for up to 19 passengers can travel in comfort, even during business trips. Relax and functionality are the key words of the project that gave birth to a new way of understanding the cabin with spacious and well managed. In this way, even business trips can be a pleasant moment for the longer routes.

Transition Roadable Aircraft, the plane that you drive down the street

A plane becomes machine. Capable of flying in the skies, but also to be ridden on the street, as if it were a truck.

Transition Roadable Aircraft, the plane that you drive down the street
The idea, unusual and a bit ‘megalomaniac, is Terrafugia come to the U.S. group, which has entrusted the design to the multi-faceted study KIBISI recently chronicles the eclectic projects with a strong technology component, including Copenhagen and various types of bikes Aiaiai headphones for the brand.

The secret of this multifunctionality? A game of wings. Those of Transition Roadable Aircraf, the name of two places veivolo launched just a week ago, can in fact fold in on themselves, recompacting the central body and reaching the right size for on-road driving.

And do not think this is just a prototype. The means, in fact, has already been authorized by the FAA, the U.S. Department of Transport in charge of civil aviation. A when the first sightings on U.S. soil? Continue reading Transition Roadable Aircraft, the plane that you drive down the street