Bombay Chanel 2012 Karl Lagerfeld Daria Strokous

Bombay Chanel 2012 , Karl Lagerfeld’s advertising campaign with Daria Strokous

Bombay Chanel 2012  Karl Lagerfeld Daria Strokous

The capsule collection Chanel Bombay 2012 that the French fashion house dedicated to the oriental style has a more feminine and sensual glamor testimonial really here, in fact, beautiful shots of the same campaign that Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel Paris label, and high-class photographer, has made starring the amazing model Daria Strokus. The beautiful supermodels posing with not only the beautiful garments of this special collection, but pays homage to the East with real glamor poses, which are based right in the Asian continent and its traditions. The French fashion house is much talked about in this period. A few days ago we gave, for example, an ad quite unexpectedly, that the decision to entrust the promotional campaign of her most famous perfume, Chanel No. 5, to Brad Pitt. He is the first man to assume the role of the testimonial of a fragrance both sensual and glamorous. But the Parisian fashion brand has also delighted with another story: Long ago, in fact, Chanel has landed in Japan, with an event that has left everyone in awe and with a fashion show was one of the most interesting show ever concocted by the Kaiser of fashion, which for many years successfully leads the brand founded by Coco Chanel. We are always in Asia for a new, striking and elegant collection of fashion, or the capsule collection Chanel Bombay 2012, there is shown by the Karl Lagerfeld, through the photographs that he himself has made, is worn by the chiefs uoi beautiful model Russian Daria Strokous. The 22 year-old supermodel has had the honor of wearing the clothes and accessories really luxury, which not coincidentally are inspired to their own wardrobe that we could see the castles and palaces of the rulers of Bombay. Precious garments, embroidered with sparkling, bright and very expensive jewelry, a luxury, it becomes very sensual and feminine in the shots propoti by Karl Lagerfeld. This special collection consists of different looks, a most valuable of the other: we tunics embellished with sparkling details, traditional saris, declined in the most glamorous shades, but also suits and dresses made of materials typical of India that glide gently and lightly on the woman’s body. It is all made even more intriguing by the choice of creating the shots in black and white. A choice that is always a winner in the fashion world!

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