Alfa Romeo Giulia, a certain rear-wheel drive?


And if the rear wheel drive was a certainty for the Alfa Romeo Giulia? The assumption there is spontaneous after reading an article in the main national daily on the new Italian saloon: it seems that Alfa Romeo in the U.S. is testing a rear-wheel drive Giulia along with a four-wheel drive and that the arrival of the “TP” is granted. The conversion to rear wheel drive would be possible thanks to the modularity of the C-Evo platform (which debuted on Juliet): not only can be stretched and expanded by adding in step plate in the floor, but is also designed for four-wheel drive and therefore also for the rear. All without large investments.

Of course all this makes us to print a nice smile on his face. Like what you gave us the anticipation on 4C. All this testifies that there is something going on Alfa and that the will to revive this glorious brand is not just made of words. Giulietta & MiTO are selling well and have positive opinions collected in each test or comparison: they were cars that Alfa could do no wrong. By Julia snake logo is obliged to do well again, not only because this car has to repair the errors are so beautiful 159, but above all because it will be marketed in the new continent: it is therefore the credibility of the brand on the main market the world.AlfaRomeoGiulia

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