Luxury Hotel for Dogs : Best in the World.


Luxury Hotel for Dogs – The hotel service dedicated to pets is a phenomenon linked to the luxury that especially in the United States is decidedly depopulated. Hotels with exclusive services for dogs and cats refined are popping up all over North America, but lately also in Europe, Brazil and Australia, the speed of a greyhound. 5-star resort offering luxury car with chauffeur, dishes designed by chef, beauty treatments, fitness center with personal trainer, boutique and luxury accommodation in stylish and comfortable suites. Continue Reading »

Womens Shoes winter 2015 : sole tank, wedges and platforms


Among the models of womens shoes 2015 winter we wear, the shoes with platform, wedge and “tank” are definitely glamorous. But beware the effect “Frankenstein shoesContinue Reading »

Italian design & China design opened the Center for Innovation in Chengdu



The Italy-China axis is increasingly well established that consists of architecture and decor. It’s two days ago in fact, the news of the birth of a new center of innovation and Italian design in Chengdu, a city of southern China’s most populous and one of the most important commercial centers of the province of Sichuan and China as a whole. Continue Reading »

Winter Shoes 2015 models to wear



This shoes winter 2015 models will necessarily be more cool our feet to make each of our unforgettable look and perfectly in line with the trends of the season. A large number of the footwear that we wear to be always at the top, with a tendency to be reckoned with to create a fashion for autumn-winter 2014-2015 irresistible. Continue Reading »

Liu Jo Shoes Fall Winter 2014 2015: The New Cult Collection


The New models in a provocative mood. Here’s how we can define in a few words the new collection Liu Jo Shoes Fall Winter 2014 2015 Ready to discover the most trendy models to put the foot during the next season? Continue Reading »

Lacoste in Rio, the men's collection 2014


With the world literally in fibrillation for the imminent start of the world championship of football, a brand like Lacoste which, remember, was born in France in 1933, just in sports (René Lacoste, as you know, was an admired champion of tennis with pallino business), could not refrain from celebrating it and celebrate it in style of course. The new capsule collection that takes its name from Rio, one of the symbol of the whole country, is a varied line-up of t-shirt. Continue Reading »

Diane Von Furstenberg The President Council of Fashion Designers on New York Fashion Week


Diane von Furstenberg is the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America in February 2015 that will organize and manage in the New York Fashion Week . Continue Reading »

The Stars Shoes, all the excesses of the Womens Shoes


The shoe of the star, we tell you all the excesses of the shoe addicted! Being able to have a closet full of shoes is the dream of all women. Very few would be satisfied only by a shelf. The greatest desire is to have an entire room dedicated to shoes! Ballet flats, sandals, boots, ankle boots, open toe … the list of models and variants could go on and on. So why risk not having the right shoe for every look? Yes, because the defect that unites a bit ‘all, is that he could not resist when we see shine in showcase the latest model of the collection. The reflections of the precious crystals, color trend or an original model, are all good reasons to increase the collection that we have at home. Discover with us the excesses of whom are passionate about shoes! Continue Reading »

Pirelli Calendar by Venera Black to the curvy Model : First few times



The Pirelli Calendar is a piece of Italian history. Represents the dream, the beauty of women and avant-garde art. He was born in 1964 on the River Thames, and from the first issue has tried to represent the changing times, anticipating the fashions and trends. After 50, The Cal is still on the crest of the wave and its first times have become historical passages. In these days we broke the news that 2015 will be portrayed on the issue of the first curvy model, showing that a shapely body and maybe even with a few pounds more (detail good for peace of polemical at all costs) can be magnificent and sensual . Continue Reading »

The Luxury Sneakers for a Sporty fashion



The sneakers are the most comfortable shoes that on our feet, but often their style too casual and not too sporty makes them attractive to all those women and men who by their shoes looking for something more. come to our rescue many famous fashion brands, with their models of luxury sneakers: the base is always sporty and casual, but with some little trick in most (sometimes required only the signature!) That make these shoes a little ‘more attractive and special, perfect for look that stands out. Here, then, the luxury sneakers most suited who have made the race their way of life or suitable for all fashionistas who do not give a sporty style and mood for their shoes! Continue Reading »

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